Publications & Projects


Vista, Florence & Tuscany is the region’s only English-language magazine. As the name implies, the publication gives a complete panorama of the area’s culture, with wide-ranging coverage on subjects that span from art and fashion to cuisine and lifestyle.

Month by Month is a monthly print and e-newsletter in English providing in-depth, live reporting of cultural events and entertainment in Florence and Tuscany. It contains short, explanatory articles on what’s happening around the area.

Magenta produces specialized publications including the Pistoia Student Card Handbook (1st and 2nd editions); additional books and Tuscan guides are in the works.

Web: Magenta Florence

A synopsis of breaking stories and news in Tuscany is available to the reader in English thanks to Magenta’s partnership with La Repubblica.

Upcoming/Ongoing brings into instant focus the most important events to look forward to and the latest updates while they are occurring.

A local and regional daily diary of happenings can be accessed by clicking 365 Days in Florence & Tuscany.

Magenta Florence’s regional content was moved to Tuscan Trends  in spring 2016. Along with news from La Repubblica, the site provides the opportunity to experience every season in Tuscany through feature stories and news professionally reported in English.

The soul of Florence and Tuscany—as expressed by the values of the Renaissance—might be presently less visible, but still exists. Experience it through the Magenta blog Beautiful Florence.




The first of its kind, Magenta Publisher’s project Florence Through the Eyes and Lives of Foreigners (Firenze Vista e Vissuta dagli Stranieri), evolved into Amerigo & America. Both have the aim of documenting the impact of foreign residents in the area, both present and past.

Amerigo & America was created to commemorate Florentine explorer Amerigo Vespucci (1451-1512).  Thanks to his discoveries, Vespucci’s name was given to North and South America.

Part of the project is the book America & Amerigo, which, in addition to following Vespucci in his native city, focuses on the reverse migration to Florence of contemporary Americans who have significantly contributed to the culture of the their adopted city.

The Amerigo & America program also comprised an exhibition by established American realism artists, as well another by U.S. students and native Italians; concerts of American music; and open days at American university campuses in Florence.