Green Light for Ponte Vecchio Restoration

Ponte Vecchio

One of Florence’s most iconic landmarks, the Ponte Vecchio, is set to undergo a restoration and conservation project. The project will primarily focus on the paving, arches, and piers of the bridge, with an investment of 2 million euros. Funding for the restoration is being provided by the Municipality of Florence in conjunction with one major sponsor, the Antinori family.

The restoration project is scheduled to begin in October 2024 and will be conducted in three phases, concluding in 2026. In addition to structural repairs, the conservation efforts will include the removal of algae, moss, and other plant growth from the surfaces, cleaning of deposits, grouting, and consolidation of fractures and fissures to ensure the bridge’s longevity and preservation. 

Mayor Dario Nardella emphasized that this restoration project is one of the most significant endeavors undertaken in the past 50 years. He noted that it wouldn’t have been possible without the generous donation from the Antinori family, who contributed the other half of the investment. Coincidentally, the Antinori family is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of Tignanello, one of Italy’s most esteemed wines.

The restoration process is expected to be quite complex due to the technical system involved, necessitating a floating construction site. Furthermore, the project must be carried out during the summer seasons. This endeavor marks the largest project undertaken on the Ponte Vecchio in its history since the implementation of safety measures following the flood of 1967.

Piero Antinori expressed his delight in contributing to the city to which his family has been deeply connected for generations. He highlighted the added value and competitive advantage that their Florentine heritage provides from a commercial standpoint, underscoring the significance of their involvement. He also emphasized the exceptional opportunity presented by the restoration project, particularly given its alignment with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tignanello. (Sophia Koch)