Starbucks & Badiani Open in the City Center

Tumblers, mugs and thermoses on sale at Florence’s new Starbucks

This July, Florence welcomes its second Starbucks on via dei Cerretani and the lines have been stretched out the door and beyond. When you step inside the establishment, the cool air provides relief from the oppressive summer heat, while the pastel pink walls with gold and green accents complement that of the famous Cathedral just steps away. 

Once inside, pandemonium ensues, with shouts of coffee orders and a combination of questions and compliments about interiors.  The menu is similar to that found in the States, including frappuccinos in addition to off-beat coffee selections like the Oleato, which is infused with olive oil . While providing seating for 40, the tiny, circular tables, chairs and stools are not conducive to either study or bring your laptop unlike those in the States, After having a look around, it doesn’t seem like the place to bring your laptop, but more of a pit stop. A super relaxed environment welcomes passersby to pause and have a drink. 

Just like any other bar in Italy, espressos are served in tiny ceramic cups. This international addition for some might be a long time coming, and for others, another example of the expanding presence of foreigners. Speaking of, another exciting addition has opened in the center of Florence. 

The historic and beloved gelateria, Badiani, has inaugurated its second location on via Tosinghi, far closer to the city center than its flagship shop in viale dei Mille. Badiani has been crafting exceptional gelato, particularly its signature flavor, “Buontalenti,” for the past 90 years. 

Badiani has embarked on a journey in recent years of international expansion, spreading the brand across 15 stores throughout Europe, including destinations like London, Brighton, and Barcelona. This recent expansion in the heart of Florence represents a milestone achievement, as its position aims to become a must-visit attraction for both tourists and residents.

The design of the new Badiani store has carefully chosen colors, green and pink, to pay homage to the facade of the Duomo, similar to Starbucks’ approach. Visitors can expect an inviting ambiance reminiscent of a cozy living space rather than that of a typical ice cream shop. 

The ground floor will showcase the classic gelato counter and cafeteria with refreshments and small bites, while the upper floor will be for those seeking a more intimate setting. It will accommodate those interested in a light aperitivo with artisanal distillates, such as gin and elicriso (an aromatic plant) from the Versilia coast. 

As Badiani and Starbucks expand their footprint in Florence, these locations reinforce a commitment to delivering new and old food experiences for the growing tourist population. Coffee and gelato enthusiasts will have new destinations to explore.  (milla elizabeth)