‘Apriti Cinema’- Free Movie Screenings in Florence

  The Open Cinema Festival, known in Italian as the Apriti Cinema Festival, continues to offer free movie screenings in Florence this summer. The festival presents both Italian and international films in different types of genres including documentaries, independent and experimental films. This year, the festival will take place at the Uffizi Square from 27 June to August 7, every evening at 9:45 p.m. It will showcase a variety of international movies, all [...]

April 2022 Movies in English at the Odeon

April’s films at the Odeon Cinema (piazza Strozzi) include two feel good coming-of-age films.  Licorice Pizza which received three Academy Award nominations, including for Best Picture and Coda which received three Oscars.  The month closes out with the much anticipated third installment of Fantastic Beasts, continuing the tales of magicians and wizards.  Films will be screened in English with Italian subtitles.  In Coda much of the movie uses sign language with English subtitles. [...]

Odeon Films in English, March 19 – 30

The adventures of Batman in the latest version of the Gotham City hero continue in the last half of March.  Then for a bit of 1970s melancholy, Licorice Pizza, has received rave reviews for a nostalgic coming of age story, filled with humor and surprises. Saturday, March 19 (5:30 and 9 pm) and Sunday, March 20 (5 and 8:30 pm): BATMAN Director Matt Reeves presents the first film of the new Batman trilogy [...]

Early March Florence Film Screenings in English

This March, filmgoers at Florence’s Cinema Odeon can watch a new superhero film with Batman engaging in the continuing battle for integrity and justice in Gotham City.  In a reboot of the American DC Comics tale, the scene is set with Batman uncovering corruption and discovering connections within his own family.  The original Godfather, screening for one day, with a new HD rendition, promises to grasp the attention of cinema goers with the [...]

January-February Films ’22 in English at the Odeon

  The Odeon Cinema present three new films in late January and February.  Nightmare Alley, a psycho-thriller with numerous twists and turns, offers an all-star cast and a goodly amount of blood and gore.  Next the whodunnit Death on the Nile, tells the classic story of a rich heiress who is found murdered on her honeymoon and Inspector Hercule Poirot has his work cut out for him.  Ennio, a documentary, covers the amazing [...]

December Movies in English at the Odeon

The Odeon Cinema offers three award winning films in December, all released on anniversaries of their original release, plus a fourth movie that will premiere worldwide.   For film aficionados who are weary of ‘feel good’ movies and wish for some gratuitous violence and unsettling scenes, Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange should satisfy their needs.  Mulholland Drive, a surrealist mystery film and David Lynch’s magnum opus, offers cult fans a weave of stories filled with danger and [...]

The Odeon Reopens with the Movies in English

Although movie theatres nationwide became accessible once again on April 26, 2021 (at half capacity) after months of Covid safety regulation closures, the Odeon, Florence’s bastion of English language cinema did not reopen until just after school started this month.  Guests must show either a “Green Pass” vaccine certificate or, in the case of a U.S. citizen, a CDC card.  Click here to buy a ticket online. September brings the new season at [...]

English-Language Film Screenings Return to Florence

English language films, once again available in Florence, can be enjoyed at the Spazio Alfieri (via dell’Ulivo 8) until the Odeon reopens in September.  This week two films by famous directors, Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar, can be described as being as diverse in content as the directors.  On the weekend, Cinema La Compagnia on via Cavour has scheduled a special showing of the Oscar winning movie The Father. Rifkin’s Festival. Tuesday, June [...]

N.I.C.E, Italians Films Streamed in the U.S. & the World

  From Nov. 14 to Nov. 21 in New York, and Nov. 29 to Dec. 6 in Philadelphia, contemporary Italian movies showcased by the 30th edition of N.I.C.E. (New Italian Cinema Events) will be available to stream for free via the platform Eventive.org, as well as piùCampagnia. The edition will be fully online and will stream a total of 11 films and documentaries as well as host webinars.  N.I.C.E. is a non-profit cultural [...]

Odeon Films in English Through Mid-March

This month the Odeon presents three English language films, all with Italian subtitles.  Dark Waters, an environmental thriller, relates the story of huge corporations, their impact on ordinary people and one man’s quest to hold them accountable.  Two documentaries, Hare Krishna and Leonard and Marianne: Words of Love, shed light on the 1960s, its counterculture and spiritual growth movements and the influences on young artists of the era.  Friday, March 6 (4:45 & [...]