Odeon Films in English Through Mid-March

This month the Odeon presents three English language films, all with Italian subtitles.  Dark Waters, an environmental thriller, relates the story of huge corporations, their impact on ordinary people and one man’s quest to hold them accountable.  Two documentaries, Hare Krishna and Leonard and Marianne: Words of Love, shed light on the 1960s, its counterculture and spiritual growth movements and the influences on young artists of the era.  Friday, March 6 (4:45 & [...]

February Films in English Showing in Florence

February looks like an excellent month for film lovers in Florence.  In the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards, all this month’s films have been recipients of awards and are nominated for more in the future.  The offerings begin with a gripping story about the “war to end all wars” with award winning performances in 1917.  Next the classic comedy satire Doctor Strangelove with the brilliant Peter Sellers takes one back to [...]

Florence’s January Movies in English

Florence’s January movies in English showing at the Odeon Cinema (piazza Strozzi) present two different stories of family life, one set in the US just after the Civil War and one set in WWII Germany.  Little Women, based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, rewards the viewer with a truly heartwarming story.   In Jo Jo Rabbit, the screenplay delivers a tender and moving message about anti-Semitism.  The films will be screened in English [...]

N.I.C.E. 2019 Contemporary Italian One-Day Film Festival

December 13: NICE City of Florence screenings and awards presentation.  Showings in Italian with English subtitles starting at 3:30 pm.  Cinema La Compagnia, via Cavour 50/r.  Free admission. The N.I.C.E. 2019 Contemporary Italian One-Day Film Festival comprises the announcement of the coveted N.I.C.E. City of Florence Award during a day of free screenings is one of the climactic events of Florence’s autumn season of international movie festivals.  N.I.C.E.—New Italian Cinema Events—is a non-profit cultural [...]

September Odeon Films in English

This month at the Odeon, films in English include one that space exploration enthusiasts will be awestruck by: a must-see documentary tribute to one of mankind’s greatest achievements—Apollo 11.  Best seen on the large screen, old and young can experience man’s first visit to the moon in 1969.  In Late Night, TV fans can enjoy Emma Thompson playing a comedic role as a formidable talk show host who shakes up her writing team [...]

A Critic’s Take on ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’


The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in 2008 as an experimental attempt to recreate the dynamic of superhero comics on the silver screen — use multiple film series to explore characters living in the same storyworld, and, relying on the character development of solo-outings, create big team-up films that are both thrilling and satisfying. The massive success of 2012’s The Avengers essentially proved the concept, and with the image of a grinning Thanos in [...]

Review of the ‘The White Crow’ Now Playing in English

Ralph Fiennes’ film about famous Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev begins by explaining that its title, The White Crow, comes from a Russian expression for ‘outsider,’ an unusual, extraordinary person that is unlike the others. The choice is a poignant one — hold it in your mind, because it is the key that unlocks the narrative. The story centers around Nureyev’s defection to the West, and Fiennes interweaves three periods of his life [...]

Apriti Cinema: Outdoor Screenings at Uffizi

June 26 – August 8: APRITI CINEMA. Uffizi courtyard. 10 pm. Free entrance. For the third consecutive summer, Florence will host a cinematic experience like no other — the 2019 edition of Apriti Cinema, films in the open-air courtyard of the Uffizi from June 26 to August 8.  The spectacular venue will hold a different screening each night at 10 pm, showing a total of 46 movies over 43 days, all free of [...]

‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Review

The Dead Don't Die (Image via Rolling Stone)

The most important thing to know going into a screening of Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die is that it’s odd. Set in the fictional town of Centerville, USA amidst an environmental disaster, Bill Murray and Adam Driver headline a star-studded cast as two policemen trying to protect their town from the zombies suddenly rising from their graves. When it opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the two major critical takeaways were its [...]

‘Cannes a Firenze:’ Red Carpet Films at Low Prices

For the sixth consecutive year, some of the best films from the renowned Cannes Film Festival in France will travel to Florence for a week of screenings. Under the umbrella of France Odeon and curated by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti, Cannes a Firenze will show nine films in two different venues from June 11 – 16. L’Institut Français Firenze (piazza Ognissanti) will host screenings from June 11 – 13, with La Compagnia (via Cavour) taking [...]