Pizza for All: Solidarity in San Frediano & New York

Monday is pasta, Tuesday is stew and Saturday is pizza. San Frediano, one of the world’s coolest neighborhoods in Florence according to Lonely Planet, has rediscovered its spirit of solidarity with some its residents running to the rescue of those who, due to Coronavirus, no longer have enough money to eat. It started with an initiative by several Florentine restaurateurs who decided to help those in need––all of whom are involved in the [...]

The ‘Big Event’ Unites Students & Locals to Clean Up Graffiti

The October 2 “Big Event” to clean up Florence buildings from the effects of vandalism unites American university students, residents, and local businesses in one common purpose: to beautify and maintain Florence’s historic architecture.  The initiative is open to the public: those interested in participating are invited to join in at the meeting point, the steps of the Church of Santo Spirito, at 2 pm.  The “Big Event” will continue all afternoon, until [...]

International Ambassadors for Dragon Boat Festival

Cascine Park (Piazzale delle Cascine), Florence’s largest public park on the famous Arno river. The city will welcome over 4,000 visitors from all over the world. Although the participants of the races consist mainly of women between the ages of 20 and 80 years old who engage in Dragon Boat paddling as a form of post-operative rehabilitation as breast cancer survivors, but they will also be accompanied by their family and friends who [...]

St. James Food Bank

St. James Food Bank Florence

There are volunteers in Florence who are part of a team that buys and organizes and distributes grocery bags at St. James Food Bank. With the philosophy that “no one needs to go hungry in the city,” and thanks to public donation and monthly thrift sales, the less fortunate are given food staples once a week. Volunteers include short and long-term Florence residents as well as students. When it started 20 years ago, [...]