The 2021 ‘Festa della Toscana’ Against the Death Penalty Also Commemorates an American

The Festa della Toscana will be held to celebrate the values of freedom, rights and hospitality to humanity. Established in 2001, the latest iteration of this festival will take place on November 30, 2021. With a program of public initiatives, the event will focus on the subject of the death penalty, as Tuscany has a long history of rejecting capital punishment after its historic abolishment in 1786 by Grand Duke Leopold II. The [...]

AILO’s 2021 Bazaar & Holiday Benefit Fairs

Just in time for holiday gift shopping, the American International League of Florence (AILO) is holding a Mini Christmas Bazaar to benefit local charities at the Sala ex Leopoldine, Piazza Tasso 7 from December 4 to 6. On display and for sale will be a fine selection of women’s clothing including several designer brands; accessories; books (in English and Italian); crafts, Christmas decorations; household goods; costume jewellery and more, all donated to the organization. [...]

The Runners of Firenze Marathon Return to Downtown Florence

Sun. 28: FIRENZE MARATHON. Starts and ends in Piazza Duomo.  8:30 am. Athletes from all over will come together for the 37th edition of the Firenze Marathon, after the city of Florence found an opportunity to host this edition after the cancellation last year due to COVID. Along with the main marathon, the weekend will offer the Ginky Family Run and the ‘MaratonAbile’.  The marathon itself is 42.195 kilometers (26 mi). The route [...]

Elimination of Violence Against Women Day 2021

  For the 22nd iteration of the International Day for the Elimination of the Violence Against Women, the city of Florence will hold numerous initiatives to bring this worldwide issue to the forefront on November 25 and through most of December. The event, recognized by the United Nations General Assembly since 1999, will feature readings, exhibitions and the installation of red lights and benches to consolidate the protection of women against the increasing [...]

World Documentaries at the 2021 ‘Festival dei Popoli’ Film Festival

The organizers of the Festival dei Popoli are pleased to announce that this year’s events come back to Tuscany in real life, person to person and person to event from November 20 through 28.  The international documentary film festival, Europe’s oldest, offers a calendar of exciting and thought-provoking events.   This year’s special theme Burning Borders (Frontiere in Fiamme) showcases 15 films in a tribute to filmmakers Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Percival.  The two [...]

Florence 2021: Thanksgiving is Truly Back

While universal holiday festivities such as Christmas and Easter were missed by since the start of the pandemic, the American community in Florence in particular saw the 2020 edition of their Thanksgiving celebrations pass by with little of the usual fanfare and excitement that previous years had brought. With the reopening of much of Florence during this past year, there is a sense of eagerness to celebrate the return of in-person connection and [...]

‘Lo Schermo dell’Arte ’21: A Movie Festival Spotlighting Art and Artists

November 10 – 17: LO SCHERMO DELL’ARTE FILM FESTIVAL (Art on Screen).  Cinema La Compagnia, via Cavour 50/r.   The Lo Schermo dell’Arte film festival, an international event that promotes collaboration between contemporary art and cinema through films, videos and installations, arrives in Florence for its 14th edition.  Two extraordinary films produced by well-known international filmmakers, open and close the Art on Screen festival.  Matthew Barney’s “Redoubt” inaugurates the festival on Wednesday, November 10 [...]

Veteran’s & Remembrance Day Tribute Events ’21

In memory of the treaty ending the First World War, both the English and American communities are celebrating the significance of November 11, the anniversary of Armistice Day in 1918. Whether it’s called Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day, both commemorate retired or deceased members of the military for the service they gave to their countries. A select number of sites are using this day to pay their respects and open their doors to [...]

Sustainable Knitwear and Organic Products at the Fiera di San Martino

The La Fierucola market will be back in Piazza della Santissima Annunziata to host skilled weavers and producers of organic products on November 6 – 7 (9 am to 7 pm), in an event that showcases the region’s artisans. This edition, called the Fiera della Lana di San Martino, has been held since the 14th century. The fair will be focusing on the small, local farms with that breed free range sheep, goats, [...]

The Passion of Mozart by ORT on the Teatro Verdi Stage

Two German musicians bring their passion of Mozart to the stage of Teatro Verdi with their new concert this week in collaboration with the Orchestra della Toscana (ORT). On November 5 at 9 pm, conductor Markus Stenz, clarinetist Nicolai Pfeffer and the Orchestra della Toscana will interpret Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K. 622 for the public. The performance will also feature pieces by Ferruccio Busoni and the song Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme [...]