Upcoming Men’s Fashion at ‘Pitti Uomo’ 106

Housing many major fashion brands, studios and museums, Florence stands as one of the world’s leading fashion capitals, making it the ideal location to host Pitti Immagine Uomo (Pitti Man), the colossal menswear event held here biannually. Gathering together retailers, editors and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe, June 11 to 14 will be this year’s second installation of Pitti Immagine Uomo, marking 106 editions of the event, renowned as one of the [...]

The Salvatore Ferragamo Show: Innovation & Influence of a Fashion Pioneer

Until November 4, 2024: SALVATORE FERRAGAMO 1898-1960. Ferragamo Museum, Piazza Santa Trinita 5. Admission €8. In the heart of Florence, nestled within the iconic Palazzo Spini Feroni, lies a treasure trove of fashion history: the Ferragamo Museum. This venerable institution, born out of a passion for preserving the legacy of one of Italy’s most illustrious artisans, is currently hosting a mesmerizing exhibition, a journey into fashion history. The current exhibition is a celebration [...]

Charles H. Cecil Studios Art Exhibition & Open Air Painting for Guests

  Villa Il Palmerino (via Boccaccio 126) is hosting the show ”Un Volto e I Suoi Sguardi – Paintings from the Charles H. Cecil Studios, 2024,” which comprises a select collection of 12 portrait paintings from teachers, advanced students, and graduating students of the studios, is open now until Sunday, June 16.  The venue can be reached by public transportation by taking bus 7. With a focus on classical techniques in oil painting [...]

Lecture in English on the Italian Political Scene at the British Institute

June 3:  GIORGIA MELONI AND HER BROTHERS – BETWEEN THE REAL WORLD AND MIDDLE EARTH – lecture by Florentine-American digital entrepreneur Morgan Fiumi and Italy’s The Economist correspondent John Hooper. The two will discuss Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, her chances of survival in today’s political climate as a right-wing politician — which grows increasingly volatile nearing the end of the parliamentary year — in addition to her Brothers of Italy party’s fascination [...]

A Summer Stage in Florence: ‘The Season’ 2024

Until July 5: THE SEASON. Villa La Pietra, Via Bolognese, 120 (bus 25). Free admission. Actors, musicians, intellectuals and artists will be working in unison and in an interdisciplinary environment to deliver evenings of entertainment and culture during The Season, hosted by NYU Florence. As a celebration of creative collaboration, The Season welcomes those across the wider Florence community, offering free events in English. June 10 – Limonaia – 7 pm  Villa La [...]

Florence’s ‘Festa della Repubblica:’ Free Museums & Calcio Storico

Sunday, June 2: FESTA DELLA REPUBBLICA (Republic Day).  This is a national holiday that commemorates the June 2, 1946 referendum when the Italian people voted to abolish the monarchy, opting instead to create a national government with representatives voted by citizens. A semifinal match of ‘Calcio Storico’ will take place in Piazza Santa Croce at 6 pm. The ‘Rossi’ (Reds) of Santa Maria Novella and ‘Bianchi’ (Whites) of Santo Spirito teams will compete [...]

Zappala’s ‘Trilogy of Ecstasy’ Contemporary Dance at the Teatro del Maggio

As part of the Florence’s 86th May Music Festival, the Zappalà Dance Company will debut their latest show, Trilogy of Ecstasy (Trilogia dell’estasi) in the Mehta Room of the Maggio Musicale Theatre on May 30 and 31. Set to the timeless compositions of three of the most celebrated composers of the last 150 years; Claude Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune, Maurice Ravel’s Boléro, and Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.  Choreographed by [...]

Foreign Authors & The 2024 Von Rezzori Prize

The Gregor Von Rezzori Prize 2024 is a literature festival spanning three days in various locations throughout Florence, featuring events such as discussions and readings by authors for the general public. This year the festival will take place from May 29 to May 31, marking 18 years since the creation of the prize in 2007. Since the prize relocated to Florence in 2010, the ceremony has previously awarded the prize to international authors [...]

Annual Opening of Private Courtyards & Gardens

Sunday, May 26: CORTILI E GIARDINI APERTI (Open Courtyards and Gardens in Florence). Open from 10 am – 1 pm, 3 – 7 pm. Free admission, booking obligatory. Walking down the timeless Tuscan streets, attention is often drawn to a majestic doorway, barred windows with a faint view of frescoed ceilings, and wisteria vines climbing the balconies of a private courtyard. All this and more will be visible to the general public in [...]

The 2024 ‘State of the Union’ EUI Conference & Visits

The State of the Union conference is an opportunity offered by the European University Institute (EUI) for researchers to showcase their work and their extraordinary findings. The 14th edition of the conference — in English —  will take place from May 23 to 24 at Badia Fiesolana and at Palazzo Vecchio in the afternoon of May 24. Attendees may arrive and register on sight or stream the conference from home.  The public is [...]