‘Secret Florence’: Nine Days of Art, Cinema, Dance & Music

The city of Florence, in hibernation for the past 15 months, now begins to resume its position as a cultural and historical capital.  Nine days of art, cinema, dance and music coordinated by five international organizations signifying and celebrating the post-pandemic cultural rebirth of Florence offer Tuscans and visitors rejuvenation with the sixth edition of Secret Florence.  In tune with the theme of the project, performances happen in spaces and buildings not normally [...]

The 2021 Rebirth of the ‘Estate Fiorentina’

After a pause in 2020 due to the pandemic, the 2021 Estate Fiorentina Florence Summer festival is back from June to September in a concentrated shorter version.  This year’s edition promises to be exciting, comprising 15 festivals plus individual events, for a total of 146 happenings in all five neighborhoods (quartieri) of the city. With sponsorship from Gucci and Toscana Energia making up half the budget, Estate Fiorentina will be a mega platform [...]

Florence’s 2021 Von Rezzori ‘Festival of Writers’

This year, the Festival of Writers, which features the 15th annual Von Rezzori prize for the best work of foreign fiction translated into Italian, will be held in Florence both in presence and online from June 3 – 5, 2021.   Three of the five finalists shortlisted for the Von Rezzori award are native English-speaking authors:  Robert Macfarlane (U.K.) with Underland; Colum McCann (U.S., of Irish origin), with Apeirogon and Maggie O’Farrell (northern Ireland) [...]

‘American Art 1961-2001’ at Palazzo Strozzi

May 28 – August 29:  AMERICAN ART 1961 – 2001.  Palazzo Strozzi, piazza Strozzi.  Open Monday to Friday 2 – 9 pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10 am – 9 pm.   Admission: €15. Over the course of 2021, Palazzo Strozzi will host two shows, both encompassing modern and contemporary U.S. artists.  The first, “American Art from 1961-2001,” surveys the evolution of art in the United States in relation to the political and societal [...]

A Ceramic “Grand Tour” at the Corsini Garden

May 29 – June 6:  Ceramic Grand Tour.  Corsini Garden, via della Scala 115.  Open weekends 10 am – 7 pm, weekdays 3 – 7 pm.  Free admission. A craft omnipresent throughout Italy, the tradition of handmade and vibrantly-colored ceramics will be showcased at the “Grand Tour.”  The formal garden of Palazzo Corsini and its limonaia, where citrus trees were once housed during the winter month, is hosting the event.  The 170 unique pieces [...]

Two Dante Shows in Florence: Duomo & Bargello

  The celebration of Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s 700th anniversary of his death continues with an installation of painter Domenico di Michelino’s 1465 canvas showing Dante and his famous work The Divine Comedy. The exhibition, “Dante e la luce della Commedia in Santa Maria del Fiore,” is curated by Antonio Natali, former director of the Uffizi Gallery, and will be on display from May 14 until December 31, 2021.  Natali is part of [...]

Florence’s Private Courtyard and Garden Openings (Cortili & Giardini Aperti) 2021

  CORTILI E GIARDINI APERTI (Open Courtyards and Gardens in Florence).  The public is welcome from 10 am – 1 pm, 2 – 6 pm (unless otherwise stated).  Free admission. In a once-a-year opportunity, the history and beauty that draws tourists to Florence will be celebrated during “Open Courtyards and Gardens” allowing access to 30 historic homes, monumental parks and courtyards on Sunday, May 23.  These venues will be available to the general public thanks [...]

The Grand Reopening of the Accademia & Its New Layout

Home to Michelangelo’s iconic David, the Accademia Gallery finally reopened to the public in early May 2021. Like most other Florence museums, the Accademia was closed for nearly five months due to the pandemic.  This enforced isolation was interrupted only by a brief accessibility on weekdays from mid-January to mid-February.  This period of seeming hibernation, before the grand reopening, paved the way for a process of renovation and renewal yet to be completed. [...]

Visiting Florence’s Iris Garden During Covid-19

Until Thursday, May 20:  OPENING OF THE IRIS GARDEN. Piazzale Michelangelo.  10 am – 6 pm.  Free admission.  Guided visits at 11 am and 4 pm (max. 20 people) with a €5 donation Perched on the hillside right next to Piazza di Michelangelo there is a hidden gem open to the public only a few weeks out of the year during its prime time: the Iris Garden. From the piazzale, head west to [...]

Italy’s ‘Yellow’ Zone Timetable of Reopenings

Before the pandemic, there were small moments in daily routines, from ordering a caffè macchiato at your favorite bar to lifting weights at the gym, which many long for after months of isolation. With COVID-19 cases dropping and the beginning phases of vaccinations picking up, Italy has issued a new decree which will take effect on April 26 and will be valid until July 31. Its aim is to re-introduce intrinsic elements of [...]