Starbucks & Badiani Open in the City Center

This July, Florence welcomes its second Starbucks on via dei Cerretani and the lines have been stretched out the door and beyond. When you step inside the establishment, the cool air provides relief from the oppressive summer heat, while the pastel pink walls with gold and green accents complement that of the famous Cathedral just steps away.  Once inside, pandemonium ensues, with shouts of coffee orders and a combination of questions and compliments [...]

Ditta Artigianale Opens in Pzz. Ferrucci

  A brand new Ditta Artigianale opened its doors in Piazza Ferrucci on March 30, the Florentine coffee chain’s fifth location in 10 years of business. Despite its location — slightly off the beaten path for the average tourist — the café has already been attracting customers due to its distinctiveness and cultivated charm. Plenty of seating, an outdoor bar shaded by colorful umbrellas, flora, and greenery, and an adjacent bakery and newsstand, [...]

‘Wild Buns’ Finds a Permanent Home

  Wild Buns is a Scandinavian bakery on Via di Camaldoli, 1/c in the Oltrarno neighborhood.  The newest local craze, the café is a small but lovely little place in a cute area of Florence. When you walk in, you’re immediately surrounded by the rich smell of baking and specialty coffee, all made locally. After three on-off years of welcoming guests at various pop-up locations, Wild Buns finally found a permanent home in [...]

Harry’s Bar Monthly Lunch Specials

Right off the bank of the Arno lies a gem of Florence preserved from the passage of time. Harry’s Bar combines the classic ambiance of the 1950s with modern offerings to create an elegant and secluded atmosphere for Florentines and visitors alike to escape.  Harry’s Bar prides itself on being an experience for all who step through its doors: “much more than a restaurant, not just an American Bar.”  While the venue itself [...]

New Museum of Russian Icons at Pitti

  The new Museum of Russian Icons has just opened in the Palazzo Pitti.  Housed in four large rooms previously inaccessible to the public, the 78 ancient pieces are the oldest collection of icons outside of Russia.  Permanently exhibited, the icons, in a setting graced with 17th century frescoes on walls and ceilings, have captions in Italian, English and Cyrillic translating the wording. The Medici and Lorraine ruling families, well known for patronizing [...]

Uffizi Reopens With 14 New Rooms

Museumgoers rejoice! After months of waiting, the Uffizi Gallery reopened starting May 4 with not one, not two, not three, but 14 new rooms showcasing over 120 self-portraits from the 16th century. Newly displayed works by artists including Daniele da Volterra, Rosso Fiorentino, and Bartolomeo Passerotti will be showcased, with 13 rooms dedicated to the masterpieces by artists of Florentine, Emilian, and Roman origin. The 14th and final room will display the self-portraits of the artists along [...]

Market ‘Anti-Covid’ Flooring & New Portico

San Lorenzo Market will have a new ‘anti-Covid’ pavement put in as a safety precaution to reduce the future spread of virus transmissions in public spaces.  The new non-slip and resistant flooring has recently been approved by the Superintendency and was announced by the Councillor for Public Works, Titta Meucci and the President of the Mercato Centrale, Massimo Manetti as the new project for keeping the market safe and sanitary.  The new flooring [...]

Vanessa Incontrada Against Body Shaming

  “Don’t judge, beauty will save the world.” The Florentine street artist collective Lediesis includes this caption on their Instagram @lediesis alongside a photo of their latest mural of Spanish-Italian actress, model, and TV presenter, Vanessa Incontrada, who recently posed nude for the cover of the latest Vanity Fair. Incontrada’s decision to model naked for the cover shoot and Lediesis’ mural in response both comment in favor of the body positivity movement.  The [...]

A Trio of Women Conductors at ORT

A woman has been appointed conductor and two women principal guest conductors of the prestigious ORT (Orchestra della Toscana). ORT artistic director Giorgio Battistelli went on record to say “to put things into perspective, if three men had been chosen, it would be taken for granted and not make headlines.” The 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Orchestra della Toscana will be celebrated in 2020 with a series of important changes with [...]

The Paperback Exchange: A Fresh New Start

“This bookstore, we could say, was like a series of fortunate events,” says Icaro Rotunda. He and Gianluca Romeo took a leap of faith when they bought the Paperback Exchange bookstore (via delle Oche 4/r) at the beginning of May 2019. With no background in managing or owning a store, the two entrepreneurs have faced this challenge head on and have maneuvered their way into success. After living in Montreal, Canada for a [...]