Allison Malinsky’s ‘Primavera’: A Show at NIKI

Until June 6, 2024: PRIMAVERA by ALLISON MALINSKY. NIKI (Netherlands Interuniversity Institute for Art History), Viale Torricelli 5, Florence (bus 11 or 12).  Open Monday – Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm. Free entrance.  NIKI celebrates the opening of its first exhibition in five years, La Primavera by artist-in-residence Allison Malinsky, which provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a unique and special way.  The collection draws inspiration from Florentine masterpiece La [...]

‘Senza Tempo’: Mimmo Jodice’s Photos at Villa Bardini

Until July 14: ‘SENZA TEMPO,’  PHOTOS BY MIMMO JODICE.  Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio 2.  Open 10 am – 9 pm.  Admission €10, reduced €5.  There is now free shuttle bus service to Villa Bardini, click here to see an article. Neapolitan photographer Mimmo Jodice creates a wondrous atmosphere to be admired at his exhibition, “Senza Tempo” at Villa Bardini. Through the use of various forms of photographic art, Jodice explores the concept of [...]

Florence’s May 1 Labor Day Festivities 2024

Italy’s Labor Day, a time-honored national holiday celebrated annually on May 1, serves as a day of rest, solidarity, and cultural festivities, honoring workers’ rights, fair labor practices, and the achievements of the labor movement. Leading up to and during this holiday, numerous events will take place. ‘SACRED MOUNT’ CONCERT. Tuesday, April 30, Piazza del Duomo. 9 pm. To commence the holiday festivities, a sacred music festival will take place the night before [...]

Florence’s April 25 Liberation Weekend Events ’24

The Liberation Day celebrations in Florence offer a poignant tribute to the bravery and sacrifices made during World War II to bring an end to the Nazi and Fascist occupation which began when Italy surrendered to the Allies on September 8, 1943. It’s heartening to witness the city unite in honoring the efforts of the resistance fighters and commemorating this pivotal moment in history.  On April 25, numerous festivities will unfold throughout the [...]

Bright Festival 2024 : Digital Technology & the Arts

  The 2024 Bright Festival is for those who would like to learn about or expand their skills in digital production.  This year’s edition offers 40 hours of learning to choose from over the course of 12 conferences, talks, masterclasses, and orientations. Four intensive workshops are being offered with 24 speakers, teachers, experts and certified trainers. The opportunities for prospective learners are bountiful, whether you’re a student, a professional, or just an enthusiast. [...]

Florence April Art Shows 2024 Not to Miss

  From classical to contemporary art, in addition to masterpieces of Mannerism, Florence offers several spectacular art exhibitions this month. Until April 14: PIER FRANCESCO FOSCHI (1502 – 1567).Galleria dell’Accademia. Open daily 8:15 am to 6:50 pm.  For the first time in European history, a monographic show dedicated to Florentine painter Pier Francesco Foschi will be open to the public. The exhibition contains over 40 pieces of his work and includes pieces by [...]

Cultural Heritage Walks: Free Tours in English

One way to enhance your knowledge of Florence is to learn about the culture and history of the city are through Cultural Heritage walks scheduled this spring. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1982, the Municipality of Florence developed a program for residents and visitors to explore city’s cultural patrimony sites with a free, guided tour. There will be 16 heritage walks — all starting at 3 pm —   throughout April and [...]

A 2024 Guide to Florence Easter Festivities

  Easter never fails to be an immense celebration in Italy. Various events will be held around Florence on Good Friday and Easter Sunday on March 31, in addition to English speaking church services during the week.  Participate in the local Easter traditions by attending Grassina’s Passion Play and Florence’s Scoppio del Carro on Easter weekend, preceded by an Easter concert. An added bonus: the church and museum of Santa Maria Novella offer [...]

Florence’s FAI Spring Days 2024

  Twice a year, inaccessible cultural landmarks all over Italy are open to the public FAI Spring Days is back this year in March on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24. FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) is the National Trust for Italy, responsible for maintaining and restoring private historical landmarks throughout Italy. FAI is able to manage thousands of locations through donations or grants. Close to 750 locations will be open all around [...]

Basaglia ‘Asylum Farewell’ Anniversary Events

A festival honoring Franco Basaglia (1924-1980), the man who was responsible for the shutdown of all inhumane insane asylums in Italy, will run from March until July. The event “INSANE ASYLUM, FAREWELL! Franco Basaglia 100,” is organized by the theater group Chille de la Balanza, who lives in the former mental hospital in San Salvi, Florence.  Monday, March 11 marks the 100th anniversary of Franco Basaglia’s birth. A remake of the symbolic blue [...]