Florentine Murdered in Spain: New Evidence

With two of the three Russians released in the Niccolò Ciatti homicide which took place August 12 at the Lloret de Mar disco on Spain’s Costa Brava, the accused murderer has been publicly identified.  Video footage shows that Rasul Bisultanova, 24 year old semi-professional wrestler from Chechnya, pushed Ciatti who fell to the ground, then struck and kicked him, which proved fatal.

Bisultanov has the status of a refugee in France as do his two accomplices, who returned to Strasbourg.  One of them has been prohibited by the Spanish police from leaving the EU, as investigations continue.

The disco, St. Trop’, has been indefinitely closed for security reasons as police have ascertained that there were only nine bouncers present for a crowd estimated between 1,500 and 1,900 partygoers, predominantly 20-year-olds.

Ciatti’s father, Luigi, said, “I can’t believe the two accomplices have been freed–they are not human beings but animals who beat him up. No one in the crowd moved a finger to help him” (a fact corroborated by Ciatti’s friends present who tried to break up the fight, took him outside and called the dad and an ambulance).  As recorded on film, the attack lasted last than a minute.

The mayor and a spokesman for the police department of Scandicci, where Ciatti lived, is called for “justice in a murder of one of our residents that was brutal and totally senseless.”

Ciatti, who had planned to move with his girlfriend in September (who called him “a good giant,”), had a fruit and vegetable stand on the ground floor of Florence’s Central Market. Colleagues placed an overturned crate (see photo gallery) with the lettering “Closed for Solemn Mourning” (Chiuso per grave lutto), which is surrounded by flowers and notes in solidarity.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.