Fortissimissimo: A Festival to Honor Fledging Talent

Pianist Leonora Armellini

To celebrate the musical talents of young people across the globe, the Amici della Musica Firenze is presenting a new classical competition, the Fortissimissimo Firenze Festival (FFF), that will run until October 11.

The festival will take place under the artistic direction of Andrea Lucchesini in Sala del Buonumore of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory, and will include a variety of classical pieces interpreted on an assortment of instruments.

The historical hall was provided through the festival’s collaboration with the conservatory, demonstrating that this event promises to showcase promising instrumentalists and highlight their gifts by awarding first and second prizes. The first place winner will perform with the Amici della Musica in their upcoming season.

While most classical concerts include already established artists, this festival will be unique because it honors the youth of the music world and includes them in the selection process of a winner. Students in schools and conservatories are invited to attend the concerts and some will be selected to participate in the jury that decides the outcome of the contest.

By having the students work together and select the performers worthy of receiving the prizes, the festival stays true to its purpose of being an event where the young are admired. The showcase includes many up-and-coming prizewinners, national and international competition victors, and instrumentalists that have already started their concert career in its program.

Some talents include the second place winner of the 2015 Ferruccio Busoni International Piano competition Alberto Ferro, Leonora Armellini, who won the “Janina Nawrocka Award” for her musical abilities at the International Chopin Piano Competition, and winner of the Premio Abbado 2015 violinist Gennaro Cardaropoli. (shannon duggan)

The festival will take place on the following dates:


Monday, 2


by Leonora Armellini. Music of Beethoven, Liszt, and Benzecry. Cherubini Conservatory, Piazza delle Belle Arti 2. 9 pm.

Tuesday, 3


with Alessio Pianelli and Leonora Armellini. Music of Schumann. Cherubini Conservatory, Piazza delle Belle Arti 2. 9 pm.

Wednesday, 4


with Debora Tempestini (piano), Roxana Ligia Visinescu (violin), and Giacomo Petrucci (cello). Music of Schubert and Grieg. Cherubini Conservatory, Piazza dellle Belle Arti 2. 9 pm.

Thursday, 5


with Luca Giovannini and Lavinia Bertulli. Music of Beethoven and Piazzolla. Cherubini Conservatory, Piazza delle Belle Arti 2. 9 pm.

Saturday, 7


with Raffaele Pe and Giangiacomo Pinardi (lute). Music of Monteverdi, Piccinini, and Montesardo. Cherubini Conservatory, Piazza delle Belle Arti 2. 9 pm.

Monday, 9


chamber Music Concert. Music of Bartok. Cherubini Conservatory, Piazza delle Belle Arti 2. 9 pm.

Wednesday, 11


with Leonardo Colafelice. Music of Beethoven, Tchaikovksy, Montalti, Debussy, and Stravinsky. Cherubini Conservatory, Piazza delle Belle Arti 2. 9 pm.

Tickets cost €5, and are made affordable for students. The aim of the festival is to appreciate the budding forte of these musicians, so it is an event welcomed to anybody interested in commending their abilities.