‘Liberty, Equality, & Fraternity’ in Pzz. Ognissanti

July 14:  BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATIONS.  Piazza Ognissanti. 8:30 pm- 12 midnight.  Free admission.

Every July 14, the French commemorate the birth of their nation with a holiday known as “Bastille Day.”  Since 2014, the French Institute has brought Bastille Day celebrations to Florence by hosting a free night of music and dance in the Piazza Ognissanti.

The evening’s performances will be preceded by free artistic workshops conducted by French artists-in-residence at the Villa Medici in Rome.

The workshops will take place in the courtyard of the Novecento Museum of 20th Century Art and the cloister of the Ognissanti Church. Adults will be able to take a free guided tour of the Novecento Museum of at 11 am, children 4 pm. Email info@muse.comune.fi.it to make a reservation for a visit.

All performances have been organized by the French Institute of Florence, which reports to the cultural division of the French Embassy in Italy. The Institute has also hired local business owners to provide refreshments to the public, which will include French pastries and crêpes.

Music and dance highlights include a set by DJs Icicles and Branzini. The DJs will play celebrated French music ranging from Charlotte Gainsbourg to modern pop artist Stromae.

Dancers from the Opus Ballet will also be on stage. Gustavo Oliveira Santos, a Brazilian-born dancer who was named one of the world’s top contemporary dancers of 2010-2011, as well as Boris Desplan, who recently starred in the Opus ballet “Owl,” are among the invited guests.

This year’s festivities will take on a more somber note in light of the terrorist attacks that occurred in Nice last year on July 14. The French national motto “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” will be projected onto a screen throughout the evening’s performances to reinforce the values of the French Revolution in light of the violence that continues to occur in France. (margaux glovier)