Palazzo Vecchio Historic Clock Visits

The ancient clock of the Palazzo Vecchio Tower, one of the largest in the world, is open to the public for an up-close experience. This is the first time that visitors can admire the inner workings and mechanisms of the clock as it undergoes maintenance, cleaning and fine-tuning. The monument will be available for viewing in a room next to the tower. The restoration is a part of the FLIC Florence I Care project, financed by private donors for the maintenance and improvement of central landmarks. The project will cost 125,000 euros and will be finished by next year.

The prominent clock was originally built in 1300 by Nicolò Bernardo in a Florentine workshop on Via dell’Oriuolo; meaning, the street of the clock. In 1665, Grand Duke Fernanando II ordered the clock’s mechanism to be modified according to the scientific principles of Galileo. The grand clock spans 6 feet long and 6 feet wide. The clock has a single hand, whose rotation is now regulated digitally and connected to the bells that ring once a day at noon.

Visitors are welcome to come see the monuments working ancient mechanism, operated by provisional control operations, for a €10 fee in accessing the tower. (izzy lunow)

To to see a slideshow, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.