A Champagne Toast in Arnolfo’s Tower for Valentine’s Day

The Cathedral dome seen from Arnolfo’s tower

The Arnolfo Tower of Palazzo Vecchio will once again host a spumante champagne toast and celebration of love on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Hosted by the Municipality of Florence, the Metropolitan City, and MUS.E, on Feb. 14 the toast will be made in honor of the love couples have for each other. 

A well-liked and popular Florentine Valentine’s Day tradition, this will be the first Valentine’s Day toast at the top of the Arnolfo Tower since February 2020, the last normal day of love before the start of the pandemic. 

The former military tower that soars high in the sky gives guests the ultimate view of Florence. The 223 steps to the top of the centuries-old structure are well worth it; the entire city can be seen from above. After reaching the top of the tower, a toast will be proposed, accompanied by live music by La Filharmonie with Elena Mirandola on violin and Stefano Aiolli on cello. In case of rain, guests will be ushered inside to make the toast in the walkway on patrol. 

The event will begin at 6:30 pm and will go on until 8:30 pm, with guests coming and going in 30-minute waves. The half-hour excursion costs €20 per person and reservations are required. 

Call 055-2768224 or email info@musefirenze.it to make a reservation.  (Parker Hurley)