A Classical & Contemporary Weekend by ‘Amici’

Nelson Goerner

This weekend, Amici della Musica presents two events: a piano recital by Nelson Goerner on Saturday, March 23 (4 pm) at Teatro della Pergola, and a musical portrait of contemporary composer Claudio Ambrosini on Sunday, March 24 (9 pm) at “Luigi Cherubini” Conservatory.

Gracing the stage of Teatro della Pergola, Nelson Goerner’s performance is carefully curated to showcase his remarkable artistry and interpretive depth. Goerner is said to create poetry with his musical performances on the piano, and this will be no exception. 

Beginning his performance, Goerner will transport the audience to Baroque Europe with Händel’s composition Chaconne in G major. This rendition will surely be a testament to Goerner’s previous internationally acclaimed performances as he harnesses the beauty of the intricate composition, including dance rhythms. 

Transitioning seamlessly from the Baroque era to the romantic period, Goerner will move into the introspective work of Schumann. In a poetic interpretation for which the musician is known, the performance of Davidsbündlertänze will explore the intricacies of Schumann’s emotional narrative. 

Goerner will then play Rachmaninov’s Preludes op. 23. This dramatic turn will delve into the rich harmonies and flair of Rachmaninov’s repertoire. A composition like this demands technical mastery and emotional depth, which Goerner is known. 

As the finale, Goerner will showcase the less famous, yet equally compelling work of Balakirev in his performance of Islamey, a Russian folk and western classical music. 

On Sunday, the GAMO (Gruppo Aperto Musica Oggi) Ensemble will present a musical portrait of composer Claudio Ambrosini (b. 1948).

The GAMO Ensemble is an Italian institution of contemporary music. The group hosts events all throughout Florence including concerts, master classes, seminars, etc. for those with an affinity for this type of music. 

This ensemble will be presenting a musical portrait, curated by Francesco Gesualdi, that encapsulates Claudio Ambrosini’s vast repertoire in the framework of classical composers. 

The concert involves a number of renowned musicians such as Francesco Gesualdi on the accordion. He is known as one of the most versatile accordionists of his generation, his range spans contemporary to ancient music. He now teaches accordion at Fiesole Music School in Naples. 

Giulia Peri will be singing alongside Gesualdi. She studied voice and violin under Piero Farulli and Antonello Farulli. Her repertoire comprises the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Romantic eras. She was most notably featured in Mauro Montalbetti’s opera II Dream of a Thing. 

The final member of the GAMO Ensemble is Roberto Fabbriciani who will be playing the flute. Fabbriciani is known to have innovated the art of playing the flute through his endless personal research into his technique. In fact, he teaches advanced flute courses at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg.

The GAMO Ensemble will be accompanied by the artists Sara Minelli on the flute, Giovanni Riccucci on clarinet, Marco Facchini playing the violin, Lucio Labella Danzi playing the cello, and Giulia Loperfido playing the piano. 

This performance is expected to capture the range and depth of Claudio Ambrosini’s compositions. The powerful performance highlighting the union of contemporary music and classical artistry will make for a uniquely captivating night and an unforgettable weekend. 

Tickets for Nelson Goerner’s performance range from €15 to €25 and are available for purchase at Viva Ticket. For the portrait of Claudio Ambrosini, tickets range from €25 to €28 available at Viva Ticket.

For more information on these performances or musicians, visit Amici della Musica’s website.  (Maura Marshall)