A Female Duo and ORT Offer Mahler, Schubert & Wagner

Amelia Jakobsson

An incredibly talented female duo, Amelia Jakobsson and Eva Ollikainen, take the stage with the latest ORT production on Friday, January 25.  The evening features songs by Gustav Mahler, Schubert, and Wesendonck Lieder by Richard Wagner, a set of five songs for female voice, will be held at Florence Teatro Verdi (via Ghibellina 99) starting at 9 pm. 

Coming from Finland is conductor Eva Ollikainen, who began her study of piano at age three, and started her first conducting studies at 12. Later she attended the school of Jorma Panula to further her studies of conducting. Known not only for her talent, but great enthusiasm and authority, Ollikainen influences people with her music, both in conducting and her work in the opera.

Accompanying her is the Swedish cellist Amelia Jakobsson, known for her marvellous soprano voice and virtuosity with the cello. Following her passion, she dedicated her life to her voice and work, winning her many awards and recognitions.

The performance consists of several works. Composed by Richard Wagner, the Wesendonck Lieder was written in Zurich during his political exile, after the 1848 revolts in Germany. The lyrics are five poems by Mathilde Wesendonck, the wife of his patron, a woman with whom he became infatuated. Though some sources claim a love affair between the two, regardless, the influence they had on each other contributed greatly to Wagner’s inspiration.

Adagietto from Symphony no. 5 by Gustav Mahler, evokes both emotion and longing, in this piece meant for harp and stringed instruments. Also appearing in Luchino Visconti’s film Death in Venice, the musical score opens and closes the film.

Lastly, Schubert’s symphony no. 4, finds its influence from the great Beethoven. Written when he was only 19 years old, the piece wasn’t published until 1849, two decades after his death.

Together these three pieces create an atmosphere of strong emotions, calling the audience to listen and feel.

Admission is €16 full price, and €13 reduced price for section one. In section two, tickets cost either €13 or €11.  full and 11 reduced. Tickets can be purchased at the Teatro Verdi box office, or the regional circuit Box Office.  

Later this month the same concert will be repeated on Monday, January 28 in Poggibonsi at the Politeama Theater, Tuesday, January 29 in Empoli at the Excelsior Theatre, and Wednesday, January 30 in Figline Valdarno at the Garibaldi Theater, all beginning at 9 pm.  (nicole grant)