A Sudden Pothole Closes San Frediano

A large pothole suddenly appeared in Borgo San Frediano, causing that section of the road to be closed off. Authorities were immediately informed about the situation and technicians from the Publiacqua public utility company are investigating the cause of the pothole, which located directly above the sewer line. The section of road between Piazza Cestello and Piazza del Carmine will be temporarily closed to vehicles until repairs are finished.  Now the 6, 36, and 37 buses have been rerouted until further notice. The road is still open to pedestrians since the pothole only affects the middle of the road. Right now, cars are being diverted to via di Cestello which is a small road that buses, and heavy vehicles are not allowed to travel on.

Luckily no one was hurt, and no vehicles were damaged.  (Michela Tambasco)

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