‘Adopt a Pothole’ Florence Project

Everyone has a pothole in their life, whether outside the office, in front of the supermarket or near your child’s school. In reaction to Palazzo Vecchio’s delayed project that intends to repair and fill potholes around the city of Florence, which was announced at the beginning of March, the Italian daily La Repubblica challenges readers to document their favorite (or least favorite) pothole by sending a photo of it, along with the date and location, and submit the information to firenze@repubblica.it.

Photo submissions will be posted in a collection onto La Repubblica’s news site and whether the hole gets filled in or widens, submitters are encouraged to document the status of their adopted pothole.  If it is not filled in a week’s time, feel free to re-submit the problem.

The winter and spring’s inclement weather have been blamed for the terrible condition of the roads, but it seems that the city hall’s promise to fill in 100 potholes a day has not quite begun. Hopefully this photo initiative will not only keep track of the progress of the local road restoration project, but also toencourage the municipal government of the city of Florence to keep its promise.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica’s news site.