AILO Donation Day, April 6

On April 6, Florence’s American International League of Florence Onlus (AILO) will be hosting their most important event of the year, “Donation Day,” on Thursday, April 6.  Hosted by Palagio di Parte Guelfa in the Piazza di Parte Guelfa (near Piazza Repubblica), the ceremony will start at 4 pm.

Sara Funaro, councilor for Welfare of the City of Florence, Abby Rupp, U.S. Consul General and AILO’s president, Jocelyn Fitzgerald, will be there to present the selected charities with donations. The charities themselves will also give presentations about their work, experience and plans for the future.

Following the ceremony, a reception with refreshments will be held at the Hotel Tornabuoni Beacci. Here, more representatives from the charities will be present to give the audience a deeper look into what they do and get to know them.

The goal of this event is to show the different types of challenges and realities that people face here in Florence everyday. It is also to bring the people of the community closer together while supporting important causes.

A non-profit organization, AILO manages to raise an incredible €30,000 for selected charities every year during the group’s annual Christmas Bazaar.

The charities are quite diverse and range from cat shelters, homes for the disabled, schools for the less fortunate to hospital support, care for wildlife  and foster children. The basis behind the selection was to support a wide variety of all of the causes here in Florence. The proceeds come from AILO’s bazaar, and a further look into specific projects can be found in the AILO brochure. (emma zamec)