Amici della Musica February Concerts: Harmony in Motion

The Belcea String Quartet

Amici della Musica presents this season’s return of the Belcea String Quartet on Saturday, February 16 (4 pm), at Teatro della Pergola. Violinists Corina Belcea, Suyeon Kang, and Krzysztof Chorzelski combine their artistry with cellist Antoine Lederlin to create a harmonious blend of sound and emotion. 

The Belcea String Quartet is well versed in classical and contemporary composers. Their experience ranges from Mozart and Szymanowski to Guillaume Connesson and Julian Anderson. The versatility of the quartet speaks to the talent and collaboration of the artists. They seamlessly navigate through classical masterpieces and contemporary compositions to create an atmospheric experience for all listeners. The carefully curated selection for this performance offers a rich tapestry of musical expression. 

From the emotive depth of a Beethoven’s string quartet (no.4 in C minor and no.12 in E flat major), to the passion of Bartók (quartet no. 1), the quartet will deliver a memorable musical experience on Saturday. 

This performance is offered in collaboration with the Belcea Quartet Trust whose aim is to continue expanding string quartet literature and artistry. The Belcea Quartet shares their knowledge and expertise with their community through the mentorship of young aspiring musicians. The quartet offers intensive coaching sessions which provide musicians an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills of the Belcea Quartet, along with everything they learned from their mentors, the Amadeus Quartet and the Alban Berg Quartet. 

For any individuals interested in hearing the past performance of the Belcea String Quartet, Alpha Classics has released Brahms’ sextets with Tabea Zimmermann and Jean-Guihen Queyras. Additionally EuroArts has a DVD encompassing the Beethoven quartet performances at the Vienna Konzerthaus. 

Following the Belcea String Quartet performance will be cellist Julia Hagen and pianist Lukas Sternath, taking the stage of Niccolini Theatre on Sunday, February 18 (9 pm). 

These two artists have received recognition internationally despite their young age. 

Julia Hagen carries on the legacy of her father who was a member of the renowned Hagen Quartet. She began her career as a cellist in the Wiener Jeunesse Orchester at the age of 14, and since has performed concerts throughout Europe and Japan. 

This will be Lukas Sternath’s debut for Amici della Musica Florence. Sternath has spent his short career working with well known conductors like Kristiina Poska and Ivor Bolton. He is somewhat of a prodigy as showcased by his numerous awards. He received the Audience Prize and the Prize for best performance of a commissioned composition for his sensational performance during the ARD International Competition, to name a few. 

The two artists performing together this weekend will create harmonious melodies for anyone fortunate enough to attend. Hager and Sternath will perform Debussy’s Sonata no. 1 in D minor, as well as Chopin’s Sonata in G minor and Franck’s Sonata in A major. 

This event is poised to be a highlight for classical music enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Tickets are available online at VivaTicket and prices start at €13. For any additional information on the shows the weekend or artists visit

(Maura Marshall)