An Unique Production of ‘Don Giovanni’ by ORT

Alessandro Ricci in ‘Don Giovanni’

November 29 at 9 pm: Orchestra della Toscana. The Mandela Forum, piazza Enrico Berlinguer 1.

The Orchestra della Toscana is bringing a Mozart masterpiece to a Florentine neighborhood near you with their “Musica Diffusa” tour.  The composer’s renowned opera Don Giovanni will be acted by Alessandro Riccio, a talented and experienced actor. This rendition of the opera aims to straddle the line between classical music and theater. The approach remains serious and irreverent to the source material while also being fun and exciting. An ensemble of 10 talented ORT musicians will demonstrate the story and the significance of the work through their sound in a manner emblematic of the history of music. The string and wind parts in Don Giovanni (among other aspects) are demanding, therefore rendering the expertise of the performers impressive.

Watch as Alessandro Riccio transforms into different characters through the course of the melodrama, donning a diverse range of outfits and make-up, altering his voice, changing his body, switching up his personality, and more. This production of the opera aims to transcend the feeling of theater and enter the realm of real story-telling for its viewers. This is an original way to relive a classic and a great way to bring a curious audience closer to the world of opera. The second edition of “Musica Diffusa” is coming to an end. But fret not—seats are still available. Reservations can be made via Eventbrite. Further information may be found at