Anti Public Drinking Police Patrols

Thanks to a three-month ordinance which became effective on July 28, 2018, alcohol consumption in Florence will be illegal while sitting on benches in Florence’s public parks and squares, ditto for the open space in front of the church of Santo Spirito, where people can no longer camp out, nor eat.  Bedding down in public spaces is now also prohibited.

The mayor has authorized 100 agents of the local police force to patrol the city, especially keeping watch not only in piazza Santo Spirito but also in and around the Parterre and Piazza Libertà; the Giardino della Catena in the Cascine Park; the park in piazza Pier Vettori; the parks between via Allori and via Baracca; and the public gardens and church square in Gavinana’s via Reims.

Those caught transgressing can be fined €200 or be jailed for up to 90 days.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.  (rosanna cirigliano)