‘Apritimoda’: Free Visits to Fashion Workshops

An artisan in the Bemer workshop

It is no secret that Italian artisan goods undergo a significant process from conception to production with immense care for quality assurance. This weekend, thanks to “Apritimoda,” the public will be able to access workshops owned by fashion companies known for their craftsmanship and Made in Italy brands – a testament to the level of creativity and skill put forth by working under such an elevated standard that strives for nothing short of excellence.

Apritimoda returns to Florence, and not only, in its fourth edition with Italy’s best to provide a glimpse into what makes an Italian made product so coveted and memorable. Visitors will be able to experience firsthand this exclusive opportunity to uncover the secrets of success cultivated by these companies, their traditions, and tricks of the trade.

This year will be unlike the ones prior as the event extends to almost every region in Italy, including Lombardy, Campania, Veneto, Piedmont, and more.

Some of the brands and companies participating through out Florence are:

Enrico Coveri, who transformed a deconsecrated church into an art gallery where it still showcases the late designer’s workshop where seamstresses adorn pieces with sequins — his trademark — by using knitting needles, a method utilized by the firm since 1977.

Loretta Caponi, famous for her line of embroidered clothing and accessories and linens, one that has attracted high profile celebrities and families from around the world. The atelier in via delle Belle Donne has frescoed vaulted ceilings and a private collection of pieces from 1500-1960.

The Teatro del Maggio Theater, the city’s opera house with a fascinating sartorial department. Here visitors can see stage costumes designed by Giorgio De Chirico and other artists.

The Perfume-Pharmaceutical Workshop of Santa Maria Novella, where the oldest functioning pharmacy exists and modern perfume originated. Created in 1612, the Perfume-Pharmaceutical Workshop still operates today, combining old traditions with new methods. Aside from being able to view the large frescoed rooms, visitors will also discover hidden gems.

Stefano Bemer, a custom-made footwear brand most closely associated with the highest standards of elegance and “Made in Italy” quality, wanting to create nothing less than the perfect Italian shoe for men.

The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum showcasing the designer’s iconic women’s shoe styles along with the current exhibition “Sustainable Thinking” is also included in the itinerary.  (cathy doherty)

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