Architectural Talk in English at Cal State

January 30: INCOMPIUTO: THE BIRTH OF STYLE. Via Giacomo Leopardi, 12n; Florence.  5 pm. Free admission.

Insight and knowledge are the key to growth, so take advantage of this opportunity to expand a world view on a specific subject important to Florence in English. The public is invited join the architecture students of California State University Firenze to listen to an educational lecture on modern architectural design. The lecture will headline two interesting and unique groups, Alterazioni Video and Fosbury Architecture.

Alterazioni Video is an artists’ collective that was founded in Milan in 2004, and has offices also based in New York and Berlin. Their most well-known project is Incompiuto Siciliano, a reinterpretation of the Italian landscape and its unfinished architecture. This piece was displayed at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale and at the MAXXI Museum of Rome. In the last five years, the collective has produced 10 films under the name Turbo Film and screened at cinema festivals and in art spaces, including Performa (New York), the Milan Film Festival, Art Basel (Miami), PAC (Milan).

Fosbury Architecture is a design and research collective founded in 2013, with studios based in Milan, Rotterdam and Hamburg. Their work has been awarded prizes in various international contests, including Europan13 (Leeuwarden), the Museum of Natural Sciences (Turin), YA C (Bologna) and Recycling Socialism (Tallinn Architecture Biennale). The collective was the youngest Italian group chosen to take part in the Chicago Architecture Biennial in 2017 on the theme ‘Make New History’

The lecture is a free admission event with limited seating, offering insights into the collectives’ past and future projects. With interesting presentations from the studios and insightful questions from up and coming architecture students, it will be an interesting learning experience.  (cassandra yeam)