‘Back to Bach’: Free Jazz Performance in the Duomo

Paolo Fresnu

Following the success of last year’s “Altissima Luce” concert, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Fiore (aka the Florence Duomo) is hosting yet another genre-transcending concert at the Duomo in the form of “Back to Bach.” Last year’s headliners, renowned trumpeter Paolo Fresu and esteemed bandoneon player Daniele di Bonaventura, will be joined onstage with pianist and composer Uri Caine and the Italian Virtuosi orchestra on October 26, 2023, at 9:15 pm. Between Caine’s tutelage under world-renowned French jazz musician Bernard Peiffer and his own extensive discography, as well as the Italian Virtuosi’s 30-year career, “Back to Bach” is not to be missed.

Whereas last year’s event featured a jazz interpretation of 13th-century religious music, this year’s performance will center on a jazz interpretation of Bach, intermingling his late Baroque compositions with contemporary sounds, featuring a trumpet solo. The Duomo itself takes center stage in the performance, illuminating the novelty of hearing Bach in the blues as it rings high in the rounded Gothic rafters. Free tickets can be reserved online starting from October 19 at 9 am: https://duomo.firenze.it/it/eventi/9726/back-to-bach-special-edition.  (Lyric Niv)