Chamber of Commerce Opens Office Space

The newly renovated Chamber of Commerce Stock Exchange (Camera di Commercio Borsa Valori) building on the banks of the Arno will be inaugurated on January 9 (10:30 am). The space, located in piazza de’ Guidici, has been renamed “Work in Florence,” contains fully equipped offices and suites that can be rented from periods ranging from weeks to even for a half a day (all of which can be reserved via the app MyCamera), and contains a rooftop restaurant.

The rooms, located in piazza dei Giudici between Lungarno Diaz and Piazza Mentana — which can hold up to 12 people — offer high speed Internet; also available upon request are computers, live streaming, simultaneous interpreters and catering at a additional fee.

Larger work spaces ideal for workshops that accommodate between 30 and 90 can also be rented for varying lengths of time according to need.

The building was constructed during the medieval period as a work site for local wool industry.  Visitors can see ancient well that was used for dying the fabric on the ground floor, along with three 20th century paintings by Tuscan artist Galileo Chini.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.