Creativity & Fashion for Kids at Pitti Bimbo 97


Pitti Immagine and its theme, “Pitti Games,” is best characterized by playfulness and creativity at the Pitti Bimbo children’s fashion trade fair, taking place at the Fortezza da Basso from June 21 – 23.  Unveiling styles for spring/summer 2024, Pitti Bimbo 97, open only to buyers and the press, the event draws in children’s play with a carefree quality. Inspired by jumping into challenges, forming alliances, and embracing the spirit of exploration, Pitti Bimbo is sure to capture the essence of childhood. 

Three trends will be highlighted throughout the three day event; the first being, “The Summer is Magic,” to welcome the spirit of summer, sunshine, laughter, and lightheartedness. Offering this season’s coolest styles of orange and fuchsia, elegant pastel shades and stripes, blouses, and lightweight fabrics, all of which are sure to shine amidst mid-August parties.

Sustainability then takes the spotlight in “Nice to be Green,” which will center around brands prioritizing ethical and eco-friendly children’s fashion. Many of the capsules will emphasize equal distribution of resources, quality certifications, and education. Featuring clothes made from biomaterials, certified organic cotton, and soft colors made by non-toxic dyes with fun and interesting touches tied to nature. 

“Contessine, but for Play,” the final theme, celebrates femininity through sophistication and thoughtfulness. Meticulously made, tailored, and adorned with intricate handmade details and bows, elegance and inspiration will truly be illuminated. Fabrics like French jacquard, organza, and satin emphasize a kind, regal aesthetic, while nostalgic puff sleeves and voluminous silhouettes add a touch of childlike charm.

Collaborating with Campio Marzo, a bags and accessories designer, the Nanan show will kick off their new ‘bon chic’ collection at noon Wednesday, on the ground floor of the Central Pavillion. Then, to celebrate the 50th year together with Miniconf, Pitti Bimbo will present a collaboration with Polimoda’s young and talented to reinvent six iconic shirts from a historic ’80’s campaign to help fundraise projects of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital.

Showing at 4 pm, Wednesday in the Sala della Ronda, will include runway collections from four brands by Miniconf, including iDo and Superga. Then in the Lorrenese Building at 5 pm, Fun&Fun will bring an exciting presentation of funk and hip-hop to embrace a collection dedicated to girls and teens as well as bring in a social media presence. 

Thursday at noon there will be quite the performance titled “Petite Parade” in the Cavaniglia Pavilion to show off some of the leading brands in childrenswear designers from London, Georgia, and St. Barth. MOURÈNNE, a mother-daughter duo, Infantium Victoria, a GOTS-certified brand, and sun-inspired eco-friendly designer, Suncracy, among the few. 

Dolce & Gabbana will show off their new kidswear collection on Thursday at 5 pm in the Main Pavilion, and readings from Sissi World will be presented by Isabella Munera every day at different times. Find out more on the Pitti Bimbo calendar here.

(milla elizabeth)