Market ‘Anti-Covid’ Flooring & New Portico

A scene at the San Lorenzo market which is about to receive new, anti-Covid flooring

San Lorenzo Market will have a new ‘anti-Covid’ pavement put in as a safety precaution to reduce the future spread of virus transmissions in public spaces.  The new non-slip and resistant flooring has recently been approved by the Superintendency and was announced by the Councillor for Public Works, Titta Meucci and the President of the Mercato Centrale, Massimo Manetti as the new project for keeping the market safe and sanitary. 

The new flooring will eliminate any bacteria and virus through light-activated oxidisation. The chosen material was created due to a long process of photocatalysis of titanium dioxide added with silver. This material is then able to eliminate any potential pollutants and microbial agents. The research that was conducted showed that 94% of Covid-19 traces were destroyed following four hours of being exposed to low intensity UV light. Alongside its ‘anti-Covid’ properties, the new flooring will also be able to eradicate unsavoury smells.

Accompanying the new flooring, there will also be new ceramic tiles put in with engraved phrases capturing Florentine tradition. The slabs, which are inspired by the farming culture and people associated with the city serve as symbolic reminders of Tuscan culture, food and community.  

Concurrently with the Mercato Centrale, the Sant’Ambrogio Market will experience renovation. The canopies and LED lights of the outdoor section of the market above the stalls will be replaced with a roofed portico, creating a  permanent space where vendors will be more protected from the adverse weather conditions. The modern portico will be designed in harmony with the rest of the piazza, keeping to the existing design of the rest of the market with the hopes of allowing more space and light for both vendors and customers alike. Meucci announced that the construction will begin this autumn and plans that the construction will be complete in 14 months.  (mirabella shahidullah)