Florence Opts for Eco-Friendly Material

Florence is trying to rid itself of plastic waste at a faster rate than the new European laws concerning concerning such matters. The new Europe-wide laws will take until 2021 but Florence is in the process of completing it by next year.

Recently, a ban on the sale of plastics that are used for the purpose of containing food and drinks at events in Florence was passed by the Executive Committee of the City Council.  This motion was presented by Cecilia Del Re, the Councilor of Economic Development. She says that these plastics are to be replaced with biodegradable and compostable materials in order to promote environmental sustainability.

Del Re explains that there are many events held in Florence each year to provide a sufficient amount of activities for tourists as well as citizens. During these various events, so many plastics such as containers, forks and knives, bottles and plastic bags, are used for food and drink consumption and then are disposed of.

This ban will, ideally, eliminate the use and disposal of plastic by replacing them with environmentally-friendly materials; in addition, water dispensers will also be installed. Del Re explains that through trade regulations, this ban is a way to promote environmental sustainability and support the circular economy. (sierra case)