Florence’s 2024 Artisanal Chocolate Fair


March 7 – 10: FLORENCE ARTISANAL CHOCOLATE FAIR. Piazza Santa Croce, 10 am – 8 pm daily.  Free admission.

The sugary festival brings together master chocolatiers from across Italy to exhibit their delicious bars, ganaches, pralines, and pastries, available for purchase.

Spend your weekend wandering about the piazza trying all types of chocolate – dark, white, and milk – with creative combinations including spices, fruits, nuts, and liquors.  Most of the vendors offer free samples if you ask, and they are eager to answer all your questions about the renowned Italian chocolate tradition.

Turin chocolatier Davide Appendino’s booth at the center of the piazza is a must-see at the festival. Davide and his team are there to answer questions about the process of chocolate making, alongside the firm’s beautiful chocolate creations. If you ask, Appendino will even offer a sample of a roasted cocoa bean, the main ingredient in chocolate.

Try the curious but delicious Peruginan chocolate Salame, an Italian chocolate speciality made by pressing dark chocolate together with nuts and biscuit chunks to create a log that resembles salami.

Cioccolato Puro makes delicious zero sugar and zero milk chocolate and pistachio spreads. Wonderful flavor and creamy texture, like a more decadent and flavorful Nutella spread.

For only €1, you can have a shot of your dessert liquor of choice served in a chocolate shot glass at La Pralineria.

Ballantoni Cioccolato presents their massive luxury chocolate eggs just in time for Easter.

Confetteria e Pralineria Bonnie and Clyde offers a diverse selection of donuts, cannoli, nuts, and candy.

The fair also offers booths with sweet treats not entirely made of chocolate.

Wild Buns Bakery, a Scandinavian artisan bakery, offers baked goods for visitors who like sweets, but may not be the biggest fan of chocolate.  La Vera Liquirizia is a licorice vendor that offers licorice in all shapes and sizes, and even offers licorice root, which is not only used for candy, but is also popular to use in tea.

This year, the organizers of the fair have dedicated each day of the event to different themes, celebrating diverse aspects of the chocolate industry. Depending on your interests, you may want to schedule your visit to the festival to discover specific information about distinct aspects of the world of chocolate. The theme schedule is:

March 7: “Chocolate and health” Health experts and chocolatiers team up to explore the unexpected health benefits of including chocolate in a well-balanced diet.

March 8: “Women and Chocolate” The chocolate fair is celebrating international women’s day by highlighting the significant role of women in the world of chocolate through special events.

March 9: “Chocolate and Sports” Chocolate can be a valuable ally for athletes in all sports, find out how on this day.

March 10: “Chocolate and Culture” In one of Italy’s most culturally rich cities, discover the link between chocolate, art and history through lectures and demonstrations from master chocolatiers.

The organizers of Florence’s Artisanal Chocolate Fair emphasize that this event has something for everyone. Children can participate in games, face painting, and of course, lots of sweets. And even those who are not fond of chocolate will be delighted by pastries and delicacies from some of the best pastry chefs in Italy. (Amaya Gallay)