FSU & Golden View Team Up to Help Meyer

Florida State University International Program and the Golden View Open Bar (Via de’ Bardi 58/r) will join forces to raise money for Florence’s Meyer Pediatric Hospital with an evening of aperitivo (a cocktail and finger food) on Monday, September 24 at 7:30 pm.

Since the International Program of FSU was launched in Florence in 1966, the college has taken pride in its active and supportive presence in the Tuscan region. Every six months, FSU selects a local non-profit association for which to raise money and awareness with the help of active participation from their students and staff. The Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation is the recipient of FSU’s philanthropy this fall.

This public hospital is renowned for its diagnosis, care and rehabilitation of young patients as well as its modern technology, teaching and research in partnership with the University of Florence. With 247 beds and a staff of over 1,000 people, it is regarded as a highly specialized pediatric hospital as well as a national reference center for complex cases. Meyer has been involved in medical research for over a century, and its contributions have included crucial advancements in studies of tuberculosis, infantile neurology, and the diphtheria vaccine.

The evening fundraiser at Golden View on September 24 will include aperitivo for guests and the sale of official t-shirts for the Florida State University Fall 2018 semester. The restaurant’s sweeping view of the Ponte Vecchio is an ideal venue for the event, as the bridge will serve as a symbol of the vital link between Florence and the United States. The event will cost 10 euro per person.

FSU will continue its fundraising commitment to the Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation with various other activities throughout the fall academic semester, remembering director Frank Nero’s conviction that “no distance is unbridgeable where there is will, commitment and hope.”  (leigh van ryn)