Health & Herbs, July

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The river is sparkling, the air is warm, and you’d be outside…if you weren’t so exhausted from the constant sun exposure! According to Dr. Fernando Russo, asthenia (an umbrella term for laziness, dizziness, fatigue) can be treated with a simple herbal tea. Served a half hour before meals, artemisia teas will leave you feeling re-energized. Add 1 tbsp. per cup of hot water and leave five minutes to infuse.

For itchy mosquito bites received during your outdoor activities, apply the same treatment used for sunburns, St. John’s Wort, on the affected area. Dr. Russo also recommends a natural repellent—Marsh Labrador. The plant actually changes the odor of our skin, warding off pesky buzzers but remaining unnoticeable.

Dr. Fernanda Russo is the owner of Erboristeria Antica San Simone (Via Ghibellina 190/R). She studied both conventional and homeopathic medicine and has an extensive knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy. She graciously shares her knowledge through private consultations at her shop, which also sells teas, candles, incense, soaps, and much more.