Holiday ‘Open Day’ at the Gherardesca & Orti Dipinti Gardens


December 18: OPEN DAY.  Gherardesca garden (entrances: Borgo Pinti 97, piazzale Donatello 12, and via Gino Capponi 54) and Orti Dipinti Garden(Borgo Pinti, 76.)

The Open Day with family events in both Gherardesca Garden and Orti Dipinti community garden are returning after not being held for years due to the pandemic. The day of giving back with charity events will include music, food, exhibitions, and a lottery.

The Open Day hosted by the Four Seasons Hotel’s Gherardesca Garden on December 18 from 10 am to 4 pm and entrance will cost one euro. The green space is one of the largest private gardens in Florence and was originally landscaped during the Renaissance. Visitors will not only get to visit the historical park but also support two Florentine associations: the Patrizio Cipollini Foundation, and the Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation.

The Patrizio Cipollini Foundation was established in 2020 in honor of the former general manager of the Four Seasons who supported many charitable initiatives during his life. The Foundation aims to continue his commitment to help those who are less financially secure realize their dreams. The Foundation provides scholarships and work grants for those most deserving.

The Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation helps families of children that have been admitted long-term to the Meyer Pediatric Hospital. It also help fund scholarships to support further research and medical projects.

Funds raised during the event will go towards assisting 10 young refugees and families with children affected by brain tumors.

The day will include activities for kids such as the Compagnia di Babbo Natale (The Santa Claus Company) which will arrive at 10 am and sing at 11:30 am, a Christmas market, food stands, games, and more music.

There will also be traditional activities such as the Florentine Republic’s historical pageant and a show by the flagmen of the Uffizi from 10:30 am.

At noon the children’s choir of Florence and Scandicci will perform and follow by speeches at 1 pm from city authorities, and general manager of the Four Seasons Max Musto.

The lottery winners are expected to be announced at 3 pm and there will also be a nativity scene exhibited by Grassi-Nesi Florentine workshop.

Concurrently there will be an open day also at the nearby community garden Orti Dipinti from 10 am to 6 pm. While admission into the garden is free and part of the proceeds will go to the non-profit organization Soccorso Clown. The Soccorso Clown is the first hospital clown service in Italy. The business has worked for 25 years to provide children and the elderly with entertainment in hospitals.

At Orti Dipinti there will be a Christmas market dedicated to handcrafted products and new designers as well as a tarot counter. In addition, DJ sets will enliven the scene with food organized by Amblé cocktail bar which will provide soup, sausage, fettunta (toasted garlic bread), roasted chestnuts and mulled wine. Finally, a performance curated by Caterina Bini, of the Milano 25 taxi service that brings kids to to hospitals for free, is scheduled in the garden.  (Michela Tambasco)