‘I Believe’: The Cantanti Sabrinensis Concert at St. James


Some of the members of the Cantanti Sabrinensis choral group

Just a few days after Easter Sunday, the St. James Episcopal Church (via Rucellai 9) will be hosting the Cantanti Sabrinensis concert, on Tuesday, April 19 at 9 pm. The performance, titled “I Believe: Scenes from the Life of Christ,” spotlights music composed to reflect moments in the life of Christ as is depicted in the Apostles Creed, with an emphasis on Easter week.

Beginning with modern and ending with ancient, the pieces are selected from composers from around the world including the USA (Lauridsen), England (Bainton, Taverner & Taylor) Hungary (Liszt) and Germany (J.S. Bach) as well as readings by English poet Malcolm Guite. There is no admission fee for the performance however, there will be a voluntary collection at the end.

The Cantanti Sabrinensis is a choir made up of two choirs that have combined their names for this tour, making them the “Singers of the River Severn.” The River Severn is the river that runs through both Gloucester and Bristol in the U.K. The Sabrinensis were formed through a 2015 vocal technique workshop held by Judith Sheridan, resulting in collaborations and friendships.

Accompanying the Cantanti Sabrinensis is organist Adrian Partington. Director of Music at Gloucester since 2008, his accomplishments include being the conductor of the BBC National Chorus of Wales since 1999 and directing four Gloucester Three Choirs Festivals. He will perform alongside Conductor Judith Sheridan. She teaches in the London area and in Gloucestershire as a vocal consultant, conductor and has been an artistic director for many charities as well as being on the faculty at a number of schools including Exeter University and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Peter Holmes, choir member (tenor) expresses the hope that the audience can take with them not only a reflection of Christ and his life but also can use this experience to reflect on the current Ukrainian crisis.  (vanessa alvarez)