Italian Workplace To Require a ‘Green Pass’

The “Green Pass” will soon be a prerequisite on the job, not only at the café

No longer simply necessary to sit down at a café, restaurant, visit a museum or attend a concert or movie, all employees in Italy–totaling 23,000,000–whether in the private or public sector, must have a ‘Green Pass’ vaccine passport in order to go to work.  The new government decree, approved on September 16, 2021, will be in effect from October 15 to December 31, 2021.

The obligation to have a “Green Pass” on the job also comprises the self-employed and free lance collaborations, including cleaners, plumbers, electricians who come to one’s home and even volunteers.

Employees who do not have a “Green Pass” will not be allowed access to the workplace but cannot be fired and will be sent home.   Those in the private sector who fall in this category will not be paid effective immediately after being suspended from work, public employees will cease to be eligible for their salaries five days later.

The “Green Pass, which can be downloaded by using the IO or Immuni app or requested at the pharmacy or of one’s family doctor, available immediately to those administered their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, have proof of a negative Covid test (good for 72 hours instead of 48 hours as was the case previously), or evidence of a test showing the development of Covid antibodies after recovery from the virus in the past six months.  Those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons will be exempt from paying for a Covid test.  The government has asked pharmacies and other providers to lower their prices to take a Covid test, suggesting €15 for adults, €8 for minors.

After two vaccinations, the “Green Pass” will now be valid for 12 months instead of the nine months originally mandated.  Available in both digital and paper form, each version has a QR code, as part of a larger database for verification by authorities.

American immunologist Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the U.S. President, recently commended Italy on the nation’s vaccine rollout.  After a slow start, 75% of Italian residents are now immunized compared to 54% in the United States. (rosanna cirigliano)