Laser Technology Against Graffiti

In an effort to restore and beautify vandalized historical landmarks and Florence streets, innovative technological advances will begin to be utilized to simplify the process of removing graffiti.  Gruppo El.EN, one of the leading companies in lasers for industrial application, has recently donated a 60,000 euro handheld laser device to the city of Florence that completely erases graffiti on stone and marble without damaging the surface. This equipment will make cleaning the walls much more efficient and time-saving.

Click here to see a video.

“We are continuing our fight to defend the beauty of our city against those who deface it. We thank the Angeli del Bello (a group of volunteers that remove graffiti manually) and El.En for granting the city the opportunity to use this highly advanced technology to remove drawings and writing on our city’s ancient buildings,” says Mayor Dario Nardella (pictured). “We would like to also apply this method to clean up other exteriors throughout the city.”

While preventing the destruction of public property will continue to remain an issue, technology like this helps aid in combating the graffiti problem by making the removal process easier.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site. (kelsey lentz)