Latte Art Champ Exhibits in Florence

Arnon Thitiprasert, world champion of coffee (or: latte) art, has recently visited two schools in Tuscany to reveal his personal secrets to making his impressive steamed milk foam illustrations on hot cappuccino (see photo gallery on Florence’s La Repubblica news site).

Crowned world champion this summer in Budapest, Arnon transports his viewers into a fantasy and fairytale world with his drawings of woodland animals. From rabbits, deers, owls and foxes, to even unicorns, all made with two simple tools: a milk jug and the artist’s hand.

The star gave students a lesson on cappuccino art and offered his best tips for creating an attractive coffee. “It may take two years or even ten, like it did for me, but just keep walking along the path that you’re on and try your best. Even if you are happy with the level you are at, keep trying to improve yourself, no one ever stops improving.” (karen gee)