New Anti-Covid Regulations: Dos & Dont’s

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (ansa)

Given the upswing in Coronavirus infections and consequent hospital admissions since the beginning of October, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Health Minister Robert Speranza have signed a decree on October 13, 2020 with new restrictions and regulations in force until November 13.

Party gatherings, whether indoors or out, are not banned; people are asked not to host more than six relatives or friends at a time at home. A maximum of 30 invited guests can now attend wedding receptions, communion and confirmation ceremonies.  Restaurants and bars must close at midnight, and guests after 9 pm will only be served at tables, indoors or out.  People are not allowed to stand outside and drink, or wait to go into locale.  Discos will remain closed, while fairs and congresses can still be held.

The situation remains unchanged for cinemas and theatres–the limit is presently 200 audience members indoors and 1,000 outdoors, with a meter (3.2 ft.) between seated guests.

Up to 50% of state and city employees will now be allowed to work from home.

Regulations regarding the wearing of face masks have become stricter:  they must be worn at all times indoors except at home and outdoors as well, with the exception of during sports activities, and in the car either alone or with family members/loved ones.  At cafés, masks may lowered only when eating or drinking, while at a restaurant masks may be removed at the table, but must be put on again when using the restroom, entering or exiting.  Fines for not complying with the new rules range from €400 to €1000, effective immediately.

People exercising are excluded from wearing masks, as are children under the age of six and the disabled or those seriously ill.

School trips and amateur sports matches in the next month will be postponed for the time being.  As for professional sports, stadiums can contain no more than 1,000 spectators indoors and 200 indoors.

Through October 31, a total of no more 1000 people on Friday and Saturday night between the hours of 10 to  2 pm will be allowed into piazza Santa Spirito, filtering through gates to the square, which normally holds many more sitting at bars, cafés and restaurants or on the steps of the church who are not observing social distancing.

Quarantine for people arriving from abroad must be observed for 14 days; self-isolation for those exposed to people infected with Coronavirus has been reduced to 10 days, with a negative test result required before going out of the house.  (rosanna cirigliano)