Piano Maestros Sokolov & Lonquich in Florence

Grigory Sokolov

This Monday, March 11 , Amici della Musica presents Grigory Sokolov on stage at Teatro del Maggio to perform his solo piano recital, interpreting the works of Bach, Chopin, and Schumann (piazzale Vittorio Gui 1, 8 pm).

In the realm of classical music, few pianists command the same reverence as Grigory Sokolov. Celebrated for his extraordinary talent, Sokolov has left his mark on the musical landscape since his career began at the tender age of 5. Now, as he continues on his solo piano tour, Florence eagerly anticipates his only performance in the city this year. 

Grigory Sokolov’s journey to becoming one of the world’s renowned pianists is as remarkable as his performances. At the age of 16, Sokolov made history as the youngest piano player to ever win first prize at the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow. This early triumph laid the foundation for a career marked by unparalleled artistry and technical brilliance. 

Renowned for his seemingly simple yet captivating programs, Sokolov’s solo performances are a testament to his unmatched technique and interpretation of famous composers’ music. 

“The secret of great music is the interpretation, what appears to be simple is not simple at all,” says Giulia Nuti, a member of the Amici della Musica management team.

For his upcoming performance in Florence, Sokolov has curated a program which truly demonstrates his sophisticated and vast repertoire. His performance will begin with two of Bach’s complex masterpieces, Four Duets BWV 802-205 and Partita n. 2 in C minor BWV 826. These two interpretations are a testament to Sokolov’s unparalleled technique.

Sokolov will follow these with the captivating work of Chopin, in his rendition of 4 Mazurkas op. 30 and op. 50, inspired by a sixteenth century Polish dance. This performance will highlightethe romance and emotion of Chopin’s composition.  

For his final performance, Sokolov will perform Schumann’s Waldszenen op. 82. This composition in particular is expected to immerse the audience in a world of musical poetry and rich imagery. The composition was inspired by the beauty and depth of nature. Sokolov’s performance will undoubtedly bring this piece to life. 

“The emotional impact of this music is something very distinctive, it is something that really gets to you no matter what kind of music you listen to,” says Nuti.

Though, Schumann’s Waldszenen may not bring this magical night to a close. Sokolov is known for being a very generous artist: after his last concert in Florence, he played upwards of five encores. If the audience is lucky, they will be brought further into the depth of Sokolov’s musical repertoire. 

Preceding this unforgettable musical experience, on Saturday March 9, Alexander Lonquich will perform his own solo piano recital at Teatro della Pergola on the fortepiano (the immediate forerunner of the piano) at Teatro della Pergola (4 pm)

Another revered musical artist, Lonquich was awarded first prize at the Casagrande Competition in 1977. His mastery of the fortepiano has continued to develop and strengthen throughout his musical career. Lonquich has been internationally recognized as one of the world’s greatest solo pianists. 

Lonquich will deliver a unique performance of Beehtovan’s Diabelli Variations in C minor op. 120 and Schubert’s Sonata in B flat major D. 960. These classical pieces will be accentuated by the distinctive sound of a fortepiano.

This remarkable instrument creates an intersection between a light string instrument and the sound of intense percussion. It will highlight the rich romance and emotional intensity of Beethoven and Schubert’s compositions.

Graced with the presence of both Alexander Lonquich and Grigory Sokolov, this weekend is set to be a once in a lifetime experience for classical music connoisseurs.  

Tickets prices will vary depending on each artist and each section of the respective theaters. For Grigory Sokolov, ticket prices range from €16 to €77. Tickets for Alexander Lonquich’s performance will range from €16 to €25.   (Maura Marshall)

Visit the Amici della Musica website for more information on each artist and on ticket sales https://amicimusicafirenze.it/.