Renaissance Artists’ Workshop Practices Conference

The Pala del Trebbio by Renaissance artist Botticelli is found in the Accademia

The public is welcome to attend the conference “Artists’ Workshop Practice in the Renaissance” at the Netherlands Interuniversity Institute for Art History (NIKI), Viale Evangelista Torricelli 5 (near Poggio Imperiale) on September 21 – 22. Free of charge to all and held in English, the conference at the  co-organized by Michelle O’Malley (Emeritus Professor at the Warburg Institute / NIKI-scholar-in-residence) and Lydia Goodson (independent scholar).

The workshop was the nexus of artistic production in the Renaissance, yet the idea of the workshop and its concomitant acknowledgment of many hands has never sat comfortably within an art historical tradition that continues to prioritize attribution.  The conference will consider issues of the workshop context and its materials, and look both at how training worked on the ground and at how artists used or built on their training.

Pre-registration is required to guarantee seating: send an email to Please click here to register for online attendance.