Renzi Family Firms Under Investigation

Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s parents are being investigated for the 2015 failure of Florence co-op, “Delivery Service Italia.” Tiziano Renzi and his wife Laura Bovoli are tied to the bankruptcy of the company along with Matteo Renzi’s former election camper driver, Roberto “Billy” Bargilli, also a former town councilman in Rignano sull’Arno, where Renzi Senior was also secretary of the local PD (Democratic Party) until this past spring.

Family lawyer Federico Bagattani, stated that there has only been a request for information and documents, but no arrest warrant. Bagattani assisted Tiziano Renzi in the failure of the Chil Post company of which he was proprietor. That investigation caused a bankruptcy charge against the former prime minister’s family.

“Delivery Service Italia” was established by allies of Tiziano Renzi in order to carry out “delivery, withdrawal and postal deliveries on behalf of authorized businesses.” The delivery service had a relationship with “Events 6,” another of Tiziano Renzi’s companies.

According to the daily newspaper, “La Verità,” the Fiamme Gialle finance police visited Events 6 to acquire the documents of the relationship with Delivery Service Italia. The theory for the investigation is that other companies that have failed such as Europe service and Marmodiv srl, are all connected to Events 6.  The latter, coincidentally, has Bargilli as the Managing Director and Bovoli as the Chairman.

To read more in Italian, see Florence’s La Repubblica news site. (deanna carbone)