St. James Food Bank

St. James Food Bank FlorenceThere are volunteers in Florence who are part of a team that buys and organizes and distributes grocery bags at St. James Food Bank. With the philosophy that “no one needs to go hungry in the city,” and thanks to public donation and monthly thrift sales, the less fortunate are given food staples once a week.

Volunteers include short and long-term Florence residents as well as students.

When it started 20 years ago, the Food Bank attracted 15-20 people weekly, but with need becoming stronger, up to 140 locals and foreigners arrive at the gates every week to enter into the church garden, where the tables are set up.

Some are regulars who customarily chat with volunteers; others come and go as they find work. A few are Italian senior citizens who find it hard to manage on a pension; others are foreigners new to the city and unable to find regular employment. All carry home a sack that usually contains pasta, beans, canned tomatoes, cheese and milk.

There are usually some clothing items from the St. James Thrift Shop that are laid out, in addition to handmade knitwear created by several of the volunteers.

GET INVOLVED: St. James Food Bank & Thrift Store

  • Open to all
  • Commitment: short & long term, 2 hours per week
  • The Job: prepare food bags to distribute, organize & distribute clothes
  • Hours: Thursdays 9 – 11 am
  • Contact:, 055/294417
  • Email: