Starbucks Debuts in Florence


The new Starbucks before its opening in the Florence station underpass

The most famous US coffee chain in the world is finally arriving in Florence. A new Starbucks will be located in the train station’s underpass and will be the second outlet in the region.

The US coffee giant had been trying to open a shop in the center for years. Many possibilities were contemplated like the former Capitol or the former Apollo cinema in via Nazionale. A Starbucks already opened in the Gigli mall at Campi Bisenzio in 2021. 

The station’s commercial underpass of Santa Maria Novella as well as the Starbucks have just been renovated. The coffee shop will be inaugurated on December 29 along with the new and improved underpass. The news will surely make many fans of Starbucks thrilled but it does not come without controversy.

Ever since the US chain opened its first Starbucks in Milan it has gotten a lot of backlash since it is looked down upon by Italian coffee culture. The chain definitely had to make some adjustments to its product selection to fit in with the Italian coffee scene. 

Starbucks still offers a lot of alternatives in comparison to the classic Italian coffee shop format and continues to adjust to the Italian market. It is known for side tables, hot and cold drinks, as well as its “to go” or take away options.

The new Starbucks will be notably smaller than the one in the Gigli mall. It will be designed mainly to suit the needs of travelers. This means the shop will mainly focus on “to go” consumption for those arriving and leaving the station. There will be no sit down tables but the coffee shop will still have all the usual Starbucks products, beverages, and pastries. (Michela Tambasco)