Suspect in U.S. Consulate Attack Arrested


A rendering of Florence’s U.S. Consulate

A 21-year-old, Dani Hakam Taleb Moh’d, has been identified and arrested on the charges of having thrown two Molotov cocktails in the vicinity of Florence’s US Consulate on February 1 at 3:30 am.

According to news reports, he is not connected with Hamas supporters and was working alone. Dani Hakam Taleb Moh’d’s choice to claim responsibility for his act but creating a video on his cell phone led to his capture. Investigators were able to track his phone which postal police discovered at his family’s home, along with his computer. 

The day after the incident, the video, which contained threats, was published on Telegram and was also sent out to local news outlets. Disturbing images of the Consulate shot at night were pictured along with a “warning” that more operations were planned, a total of 49.  

A text featured from the same source was released on Telegram which read “We are not Hamas, we are with Hamas.”  

Dani Hakam Taleb Moh’d’s parents were born in the West Bank and conversations were held at home about the war not only because of the family’s origin but because of the current tragic events. His father said his son was overwhelmed by the suffering.  

His father commented, “My son made a mistake but he is not a terrorist.” The father said he hopes his son would have the opportunity to demonstrate that he never had direct contact with Hamas. 

The police continuing their investigations on whether accomplices were involved.  What is certain is that Dani Hakam Taleb Moh’d spent the night in a B&B near the Consulate the night that the explosives were launched. (Gillian Melendez)