Talk in English by Maree Clark on Aboriginal Art, Showcased in an Upcoming Exhibition

The room dedicated to Oceania civilization at the Anthropological Museum

Australian artist Maree Clarke will give a talk in English at the Anthropological Museum (via del Proconsolo 12) on April 3 (5:30 pm), focusing on her Indigenous heritage and her upcoming exhibition at Le Murate. Descended from the Wamba Wamba, Latji Latji, and Wadi Wadi peoples of Victoria, Clarke has garnered acclaim for her multifaceted artistic practice spanning over three decades.

At the core of Clarke’s work is a profound commitment to revitalizing traditional Aboriginal art practices. Through mediums like sculpture, photography, and video, she breathes new life into ancient customs such as possum skin cloak making and contemporary jewelry design using indigenous materials like river reeds and kangaroo teeth.

The talk will feature a dialogue between Clarke and curators Valentina Gensini and Renata Summo O’Connell, offering insights into her creative process and the cultural significance of her work. A highlight of the event will be the screening of a captivating video piece, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in Clarke’s ancestral landscapes and ceremonies.

Clarke’s presence in Florence not only celebrates the richness of Australia’s Indigenous cultures but also sparks important conversations about identity and heritage in a global context. Through her art, she bridges past and present, inviting audiences to honor and preserve the wisdom of Indigenous peoples.

As Maree Clarke’s exhibition unfold during her talk, audiences in Florence are invited to engage with the profound beauty and resilience of Indigenous heritage, guided by the visionary talent of one of Australia’s foremost contemporary artists.  (Carmel Madadshahi)