The ‘Estate Fiorentina’: a Post-Pandemic Return


As the summer energy takes over the city, the “Estate Fiorentina” collection of festivals are returning to Florence and will be held from June 1 to Sept. 30. With a focus on music, art, and literature, 15 major festivals will be held along with other local events, totaling 118 happenings throughout the coming months.

“It will truly be an extraordinary summer,” said Dario Nardella, mayor and councilor for culture. “From the [city] center to the neighborhood, we will experience months of dense cultural programming.  A real restart after difficult months and a way to rediscover the pleasure of meeting again and being with people.”

“Estate Fiorentina” is featuring major themes with corresponding events.

“The Eighties,” will recall the creativity of the influential decade, with a variety of artistic expression and appreciation. This event series will be dedicated to the art, photography, music theater and fashion of the decade.

“Literature 1922-2022” is another theme and is connected to the celebration of six of Italy’s greatest writers, who were all born in 1922 — Luigi Meneghello, Beppe Fenoglio, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Raffaele La Capria, Giorgio Manganelli, and Luciano Bianciardi.

Reading and literature are a large part of the summer festival. A review dedicated to the promotion of reading, organized by the Culture Department in collaboration with Confartigianato Firenze, “Book Squares” will host meetings and debates in Florentine bookstores. The event promotes reading as an irreplaceable tool for assessing knowledge. This event takes place from July 1 to July 10.

The Secret Florence (June 4 – 15) lets visitors rediscover hidden and usual spots where workshops, music and readings will be held. Italians or Italian speaking visitors can attend the City of Readers (June 9 – 12) festival. For those who like to watch movies outdoor, check out the Open Cinema (June 27 – August 7) free movie screenings at the Uffizi square. For the Florence from Above (June 30 – Sept. 29) event, visitors can enjoy theater, music and lecture sessions with a backdrop of amazing views of Florence.

The Churchyard Concerts (June – August) offers its visitors a musical performances in church squares  in the city, while MusArt (July 13 – 26) artists perform contemporary music for its audience. For those who want to connect connect music, culture, literature and the city, there is the Florence Folk Festival (July 21 – 23).  Fans of marching bands can attend the free concerts scheduled during Italian Brass Week Festival (July 24 – 30).

Those who are looking for an adrenaline drill can opt for the Cirk Fantastik (Sept. 8 – 18), a circus specializing ing acrobatic acts (with no animals). The Florence Jazz Festival (Sept. 14 – 18) will feature the sounds of smooth and lively jazz, while the Copula Mundi (Sept. 16 – 18) will see multiple artists perform. Last, but not least, the Genius Loci festival (Sept. 22 – 24) showcases a free series of performing arts shows hosted by city landmarks.

Event locations vary.

This year’s festival season promises to be bigger and grander than it has been before, with a record budget of €1,7 million (€700,000  more than last year). The funding comes from the municipality itself, along with European Union funding and the sponsorship of Toscana Energia. To learn more about the “Estate Fiorentina” summer festivals, visit  (ted de veer)