Voices’ European Festival of Journalism & Media Literacy 2024

Julia Savachenko, international journalist, TV anchor and media manager and an EUI fellow, a speaker at the festival

In view of how the digital age continues to reshape the landscape of journalism, the three day event Voices: European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy will be held in English from Thursday, March 14 through Saturday, March 16 at Stazione Leopolda.  Organized in conjunction with the EUI (European University Institute), the festival aims to bring journalists, media professionals, and anyone interested in the world of reporting together.

The festival events aim to delve into the multifaceted challenges and opportunities faced by those in the media industry today. Voices will educate the public on the importance of authentic journalism and will highlight the hard work done by journalists in the field through a series of talks, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities for both Italian and English speaking attendees.

Guests can expect a comprehensive exploration into the world of journalism focused on media literacy, the implications of AI technology on writing and reporting, EU media legislation, safeguarding journalists, media economic models, religion in the media, elections and democracy, and so much more.

The first day of the festival, Thursday, March 14, will feature a debate on media pluralism in Italy. This debate will highlight a panel of journalists specializing in media pluralism from all around Europe.

The second day, Friday, March 15, will feature a range of speeches and workshops analyzing relevant topics from inclusive interviewing to empowering digital parenting.

On Friday, investigative journalist Catarina Reis will speak about the pivotal role local journalism plays in fostering democracy and education. As local journalism is being threatened by economic challenges and larger media platforms, Reis will present new insights and ideas for reshaping and reinventing local journalism.

In recognition of the dynamic nature of journalism, Voices will feature discussions on the social and political aspects that shape the profession. Ali Mahfoud, a Libyan journalist, will headline the event “Shaping narratives: responsible reporting on migration,” on Friday.

The third and final day of the festival, Saturday, March 16, will cover the intersection of journalism and philosophy, talks on cybersecurity, fact checking exercises, and so much more.

Matthew Caruana Galizia, director of Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation and former investigative journalist at International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, will speak on the persisting dangers journalists face in conflict zones on Saturday.

For the event “We are humans, hear our stories,” Galizia and Marc Marginedas, senior reporter for El Periódico, will honor those in the field who have risked their safety for the truth and will offer insights on how to ensure safety and protection for journalists worldwide.

Julia Savchenko, a media manager and TV anchor, will speak on Friday during the “Can we believe our own eyes,” presentation. Savchenko will challenge all those in attendance to use critical thinking when digesting any kind of media that could be misinformative and will explore how technology is shaping the future of news production.

These events merely scratch the surface of the diverse array of workshops, discussions, and guest speakers Voices has curated for the journalism festival. The weekend promises an abundance of networking opportunities and valuable learning experiences tailored for individuals interested in writing and reporting.

Voices fosters a deeper understanding of the challenges the media industry is facing while inspiring innovative solutions and promoting the essential role of journalism in shaping our collective future.

The website lists a comprehensive agenda for each day of the festival, each event and its speakers will be listed on their program.

In a world dominated by information and technology, the role of authentic journalism is critical now more than ever.  (Maura Marshall)

Tickets to attend and additional information can be accessed on the website.