Tourist Drives onto Ponte Vecchio

A 79-year-old man has managed the impossible: to shut down Ponte Vecchio completely and unintentionally courtesy of human error.

A German tourist from Munich, who brought his Yorkshire terrier, rented a Lamborghini car in order to explore Florence. While searching for a parking spot around noon, he drove onto the pedestrian-only Ponte Vecchio, at the peak of its tourist crush.

Fortunately, none of the bystanders on the bridge were injured by the traffic mistake. Unfortunately, the visitor managed to drive halfway across Ponte Vecchio before he figured out something was wrong.  The driver was probably clued by the crowd surrounding the luxury car taking photos and videos while the dog barked incessantly.

Something like this to have happened takes a near-accident of epic proportions. The tourist has been fined €83 for the incident.  (katy rose sparks)

To read more, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.