Tramvia Completion Dates Finalized

After the meeting on February 6 between the city of Florence and the consortium of construction companies (TRAM spa) who are working on the tramway, all parties reached an agreement on when the tracks will be completed and running for the public.

August and November were the original requested extended completion dates for Line 3 and 2, respectively. After negotiations, TRAM spa has committed to finishing Line 3 to Careggi Hospital on the original schedule, by the end of June. Meanwhile, Line 2 will be completed in August.

Track construction has been delayed during this project for many reasons: rerouting, hazardous waste, and the discovery of ancient artifacts. An enormous Roman burial ground was found in the area of Viale Belfiore and Viale Redi and this excavation project is the reason behind the delay of Line 2.

A skeleton dating back to the first century was discovered under via Valfonda, and as the excavation has expanded, workers have found more tombs near the Santa Maria Novella station.

Archaeologists believe they have discovered a first century A.D. cemetery that is the burial sight of influential individuals. The quantity and extravagance of the goods uncovered alongside of the skeletons, including vases and lamps, indicate this.

Workers have also found evidence of an artisan workshop, an ancient site where Romans would dye fabric, including huge jars for storing dyes, near Piazza Adua.

Only time will tell whether there will any further delays as the city is eager to complete the modern light rail system as the excavation of antiquities continues.  There are plans for an exhibition of the artifacts in the future.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site. (anna rosin)