Two Free August Concerts at Forte Belvedere

Forte Belvedere

The terrace of Forte Belvedere, a favorite Florence vantage point accessible from the Costa San Giorgio, will host two free music performances on August 4 and 5.

The first event, at 8:30 pm on Wednesday, August 4, will be dedicated to the iconic tango rhythms of Italian-Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla (1921 – 1992).  Accompanied by a modern take offered by Daniele di Bonaventura, the concert incorporates a multimedia presentation with photos by Pino Ninfa designed to give the audience an inside look at this musical and dance genre.  Guests can also reserve an aperitivo (drinks and finger food) available beginning at 6 pm by calling 393 813 7277.

The music stylings of Bobo Rondelli will arrive in Florence once again Thursday, August 5 at 7 pm. From the terrace of Forte Belvedere, the singer-songwriter, a native of the Tuscan city of Livorno, will return to the stage for his 2021 tour, presenting his newest album “Free Heart” (“Cuore Libero”). The concert and album release comes four years after his previous album “Twisted Souls” (“Anime Storte”).

This summer, Rondelli returns from a musical hiatus with an album born from the pandemic. Comprised of 12 songs, “Free Heart” journeys through the thoughts and memories of the singer-songwriter. Transcending themes of love, forgiveness, space and the entire universe, the album is designed to take listeners to another dimension. 

In addition to selections from his newest album, Rondelli will bring back the crowd favorites.

Towering over the city of Florence, Forte Belvedere will also welcome pianist Claudio Laucci alongside Rondelli. The duo will bring music to the audience for more than an hour and a half.

Admission is free with reservation. For more information and to make a reservation, email   (rachel pellegrino).