Villa Bardini’s Whimsical Wisteria, 2023

Wisteria at Villa Bardini

The wisteria at Villa Bardini is blooming and will continue until May. The wisteria is featured at one of the best views, overlooking the city of Florence. This picturesque city panorama only improves with the bloom of the vibrant purple flowers.

The annual Villa Bardini wisteria Instagram photo contest ‘Sotto il Glicine’ will highlight the theme of friendship this year. Five of the best pictures that showcase the wisteria will be shared on the official Villa Bardini Instagram profile, and displayed inside the villa. First place will receive free admission for all of 2023 to all of the Villa Bardini exhibitions. The other four winners will receive free, single access, admission to the villa.  For details on the contest, click here.

There is a live webcam viewers can watch to see these beautiful flowers from home. This webcam is placed at Loggia del Belvedere and provides the perfect view of the famous arches of wisteria.

Along with the wisteria, Villa Bardini has many other blossoming plants. In May, around 60 types of hydrangeas bloom, and from June to September, many types of roses will be in season and fill the garden with beautiful flowers.

To enter the Instagram photo contest, post your photo highlighting the wisteria from April 20 to May 2, tag @villabardini and use the hashtags #VillaBardini, #Sottoilglicine, and #GlicineBardiniContest.

Villa Bardini is open every day from 10 am- 7 pm, and has an admission fee of €10. This garden is also included with the Boboli ticket, and is free for everyone on the first Sunday of each month and April 25. (Abby Capra)

Click here to watch the wisteria webcam: